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**Last Updated: October 26, 2008** (major update)
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     Hi there! And welcome to "MonoKrome", a Miho Komatsu fansite. (^_^) I'm Dr. Kureishi, the webmistress of this site. Here, you'll find translated lyrics, pictures, and downloads dedicated to Miho Komatsu. It's similar to our Do As Infinity website, We are For the Future.

So Who Is "Miho Komatsu"?
     Miho Komatsu is my absolute favorite musician. (^^) I made this website -- and launched it on her birthday (March 30) -- because I really admire her. I just love everything about her...and her songs really touch me.

     Sure, she doesn't make "dancy, peppy" music. But...have you listened to most of the "hit songs" today? They're fickle, and either talk about bed-hopping, getting money, or beating people. And then, some of the songs are SO DAMN DUMB ("Fireman" by Lil' Wayne comes to mind), that it seems like people are ONLY into "songs with good beats" these days. -_-

     And sure, she's not as "eye-catching" as most artists. She's not DROP DEAD GORGEOUS (...but few people are. I know I'm not. xD) And her singing isn't "OH MY GOD! Ayumi Hamasaki!!"-pretty. And...she's so "down-to-Earth" (with her clothes and CD covers), you might find her "bland", "boring", or "strange" at first glimpse.

     ...But you know the saying, "Never judge a book by its cover"? That couldn't be more true with Miho. Her lyrics have heart, and her music and singing have a LOT of power. She stays true to herself and makes feel-good music. And when it comes to her strange clothes and strange CD covers, well...they have SUBLIMINAL beauty (and depth). In essence, every album reflects a different part of her personality.

     So, to summarize:
  • If you like deep lyrics
  • If you like a variety of music genres (jazz, blues, pop, rock...)
  • If you want a truly unique experience

         ...then you'll like Miho Komatsu. And of course:
  • If you want a guide to all of these things, then you'll like "MonoKrome". =)

    ^_^ I thank you for coming here, and I hope you'll have fun!! And I hope some of you will love Miho Komatsu just as much as I do.

    -Dr. Kureishi