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     This is a list of sites (and people) who helped me, or have TONS of fun & information on Miho Komatsu. Thanks to them, the world is a lot more Miho-friendly. =)

[01. Thank You's]
Site Construction - Music - Lyrics

[02. Links (Cool, Miho-Friendly Sites)]

Site Construction
»Yujin Kitakawa : Yujin didn't help me make the site, but he definitely inspired me and helped me become a Miho Komatsu fan. Yujin will be explained more in the "Lyrics" section of the page.

»Kashiko : Kashiko also helped me become a Miho Komatsu fan...way back when we first met and were into Monster Rancher. But I'll mention her more in the "Lyrics" section.

»Mozilla/Firefox Forums : The entire GlobeMoon Network DID NOT get along with Firefox...but thanks to the smart people here, we've resolved our differences. Now Firefox loads the site great, and we fixed all the bugs on our end. A note to the wise: Build your site and check them with IE AND Firefox. And if you ever have issues with Firefox (especially when it comes to websites), please drop by this forum.

»Google : If it weren't for Google, I wouldn't have found half of these people and websites. (^^;) Google is the best search engine around, and if you don't know that, you should really give it a try! Enter ANYTHING in Google, and the first page to show up is usually 100% accurate to your search. Plus, you can search for images with Google -- just enter a search term, click "Enter" and viola! You'll actually SEE pictures that match your search term. It's an awesome, awesome site, and it keeps getting better, with GMail, and web storage, and downloadable movies/videos, and satellite imagery...Oh, and nearly every country has a Google page, too. I love using Google Japan -- if you want pure Japanese pages (and the largest amount of Japanese results), Google's Japanese site won't let you down.

»Moka : Moka is an artist (I used some of her Miho Komatsu fanart on this site). She's quite talented, and good at everything she draws...and she draws a LOT (^^). You can view her general art by going to her main page...and you can view her gorgeous Miho fanart on this page of her site. (thank you, Moka! Keep up the good work, and I hope you go pro!!)

»Nitoro, and BVG Music's "Miho Komatsu" page : Nitoro (and BVG Music) were a HUGE help with the "Famous Collaborations" section. They listed all the uses for Miho's songs, and Nitoro was kind enough to tell me what each series was. (for instance, if it weren't for Nitoro, I'd have never known that "Oji-san Kaizou Kouza" was a Sci-Fi show. ^^;)

»Anime News Network : This site is KING when it comes to anime information. (O___O) Seriously, it pwns all other sites! If you want information on just about ANY anime series (even series that were NEVER released outside Japan), you're sure to find it here! Anyways, let me calm down (^^;;). This site, like the previous two, was a huge help with the "Famous Collaborations" section, so I thank them for their great anime information.

»HTMLGoodies : This site taught me how to code webpages by hand. If you ever wanted to learn about HTML, this site is perfect for you. They have a large database of topics, and explain everything step-by-step, and with demonstrations!!

»ImTOO : The creator(s) of this program are amazing!! Their Audio Encoder lets me create WMA files...which are waaay smaller than MP3s, and sound just as good. Thanks to them, I've saved a LOT of webspace (and disk space), which means I can upload a LOT more music for you. ^_~

»UniCode Converter : I don't use too much kanji on this site, but when I do, it's in Unicode format (because all browsers support it). Just plug in a kanji, and convert it instantly. Then copy and paste it to your site. Best of all, it works with all non-English characters, so you can use it for math symbols, Korean, Russian, ancient Greek, etc.

»Wikipedia (Online Encyclopedia) : Their US site and Japan site were huge helps with this site. Wikipedia is a ridiculously massive online encyclopedia...if you want to find about practically ANYTHING or ANYONE, search Wikipedia and you'll probably find it. They even have a page on Miho Komatsu! =)

» Jeffrey's Japanese <-> English Dictionary : You can easily look words up in this dictionary. You can enter romanji, kanji, hiragana, or katakana -- it's all accepted.

»BabelFish : BabelFish lets you translate Japanese websites into English!! You can also translate other langauges, too...and you can translate English sites into other languages (like German) as well. It's quite nifty. <3

»The JavaScript Source : If you ever want to use JavaScript, go to these sites! They have a HUGE amount of JavaScript tricks -- all you have to do is copy and paste the code into your site. (^^) They also have demonstrations so you can see what the code does before you use it.

»PHPJunkyard : My good friend (and moderator of our Do As Infinity website), Oasis_heart3, told me about this site. It lets you make hit counters...and best of all, it's AD-FREE, and you can modify the counter a LOT of ways. Once you go to their site, visit this page to learn how to modify your counter.

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