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I don't know the truth
     I've given my opinions on why Miho Komatsu rocks. And I've given you statistics and facts on why she rocks. So now...it's time to actually prove it, with something you can physically keep for yourself...music. =)

     This is the "Famous Collaborations" page. Here's where I list all the songs Miho Komatsu wrote for anime, TV, video games, AND other people. Some of the songs she created might surprise you...

Gerli and I want you to enjoy what you hear...but we've encoded the files in mediocre, WMA format. If you like what you hear and want higher quality, buy the CDs and support Miho!!
    How This Page Works
  1. In the table below, there are 2 sections:
    • Part 1 -- the songs Miho personally sang for anime series, video games, etc. Includes original songs AND remixes for download.

    • Part 2 -- the songs Miho wrote for other artists (sometimes they were used in anime, too). Includes original songs AND "Miho's remakes" for download.

  2. Most of the WMA's come from Gerli-chan's Miho Komatsu multimedia site. Some of Gerli's files are labeled badly, so rename them based on what you see here.

  3. Please save music/samples on your own computer, and open them there. (simply right-click the file and select "Save Target As".)

  4. All downloads are in ZIP files...so you should use WinZip to open the files. (if you have a Macintosh computer, then you should use ZipIt.)

  5. All lyrics will open in ONE popup. They contain romanji AND an English translation.

  6. Lastly...all the songs have code (ex: [A]). These tell you what the song was used on:
    • [A]nime series
    • (Video) [G]ame
    • [C]ommercial
    • [TV] show (variety shows, soap operas, etc.)
**Updated:   Part 1.1**

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