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Nazo ~Mystery~
     Ah, so you want to know MORE about Miho Komatsu? Well, here ya go!:

    #2. Quick Facts
  1. In 1998, she was on TWO record labels. She started on ZAIN Records, and released her first song/CD single, "Nazo". But later on that year, she transferred to Amemura O-Town Records and released her first album, also titled "Nazo". ("Nazo" [the song] is the 3rd opening for "Detective Conan", a hugely popular anime in Japan. It's basically "Law & Order: Anime Style").

  2. Later that same year (1998), she received the 12th annual "Japan Gold Disc New Artist of the Year" award. (that means "Nazo", her first album/song, was a BIG hit.)

  3. In mid-1999, she left Amemura O-Town Records. She's now on an Indies label called GIZA. It's short for Garage-Indies Zapping Agency. (I know, It's kind of a crazy name. It's even crazier than my own name, and I'm Dr. Crazy. xD)

  4. So far, she's released 37 CDs (11 albums + 26 CD singles):
    • Over half of her CDs have been in the Top 20.
    • 11 of her CDs have been in the Top 10.

  5. Her Top 2 Albums are [ Nazo ] and [ Mirai ].
    And her Top 2 Singles are [ Chance ] and [ Koori no Ue ni Tatsu youni ]. (by the way, Japan's version of the "Billiard Music Charts" is called the "Oricon"...and these listings came from there.)

  6. She subtitles her albums with their "release order". (ie: "Mirai" was her second album, so it's subtitled "2nd", "Hanano" is her sixth album, so it's subtitled "6th", etc.)

  7. People list her albums different ways. For instance, her 7th album, [ Prime Number ], can be called:
    • [ 7th~Prime Number ] , or
    • [ 7~Prime Number ] , or
    • [ Prime Number~7th ] , or
    • [ Miho Komatsu 7~Prime Number ]...
         ...There's a lot of confusion because Miho will often switch back and forth herself, calling her albums "2nd" and "3rd", then "4" and "5", etc.

  8. Most of her albums have ONLY 11 tracks. But lately, she's increased this number to 13.

  9. Miho Komatsu always sings with a synthesizer in her voice. There is only ONE exception -- in part of "Ginga", she sings without any synthesizers at all!! (you can sample/download this song on the Famous Collaborations page.)

  10. Miho Komatsu is "down to earth". Her CDs have a deep, "home-made" feel to them. And her voice isn't "Ayumi Hamasaki"-pretty, but she makes things balance out by mixing "average" singing with above-average lyrics and music. ;)

  11. Speaking of lyrics and music...Miho Komatsu writes her own lyrics and music.

  12. She also writes songs for other artists, like WANDS, DEEN, and FIELD OF VIEW. Go to the Famous Collaborations page for more info.

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