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Koi ni Nare...
(CD Single #26)
+Produced by: GIZA Studio
+Catalogue #: GZCA-4057
+Release Date: December 7, 2005

Track Song Title English Lyrics
01. Koi ni Nare... HTML | Text
02. Koibito-tachi no Christmas HTML | Text
03. Koi ni Nare... ~"Forest that ripples out" mix~ HTML | Text
04. I just wanna hold you tight (a strange town Mix) HTML | Text
05. Koi ni Nare...  [Instrumental]

     Welcome! This is a list of Miho Komatsu's CD singles. They're in order from old to new...but the newest CD is always at top of the page. However, I'm sure you already knew that. ;)

     Also, Miho's songs (unlike most songs) have MANY different melodies...which means that a "true" sample would be 2-minutes long. And I refuse to post 2-minute samples. (xD) So I came up with a solution, and now most samples are "the chorus + part of a verse". I did it this way because each section (the chorus & the verse) has a different melody...and you'll also hear how powerful her choruses are. ^_^

    **10/18/06: All songs have been translated now!!**
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