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»[January 14, 2007]
     ...And here's another "minor" (although much more important) update. ^^
  1. I updated the Famous Collaborations section (at the bottom of that page, you'll see which section I updated). Basically, I just discovered that Miho's version of "Tegotae no nai Ai" was also used for something!!! Her version is the opening to a video game called "L no Kisetsu" (which means "L Season". I'm assuming that "L" stands for "Love"). So I added that info to the "Tegotae no nai Ai" page (and now, the page looks a bit cramped. Sorry for that. ^^;;;)

  2. I completed the discography for "Miho Komatsu BEST ~once more~". Most of the tracks are repeated from her previous CDs (more specifically, her CD singles), but...there is one new track, called "happy ending". (^^) It was originally going to be called "a happy ending"...but I guess they figured the "a" wasn't needed. xD

         ...Anyway, you can listen to the sample -- and read the lyrics -- in the discography section.

    - Where New Lyrics Are Located -
  3. 1 Album
  4. Miho Komatsu BEST ~once more~
    **underlined = this CD is now complete**

»[November 4, 2006]
     I just did a minor update. (^^) Some of the lyric URLs have changed:
  1. Megchan : Officially, there's no "www" in her site URL (however, if you type it in, it'll still take you to her site). But I changed it anyway to http://megchan.com

  2. AnimeLyrics : I disocvered that recently changed their URL. It's now http://www.animelyrics.tv

         ...If you visit AnimeLyrics, plus update your bookmarks and URLs...and spread the word!!

»[October 18, 2006]
     Yes. I AM still alive. ^^;

     I'm really, REALLY sorry for all the delays!! I've been super busy with work, plus I've been sick, was involved in other projects, and had "issues" with family and other people. I also had "issues" with a few things on the site...

     I was going to start 2 new, Miho-related projects. One project was dedicated to Miho's arrangers. With that project, you'd be able to see who did what (on each CD), and I'd link to the MP3 samples. I'd also give some general information on each arranger. (^^) I thought it was a great idea...but I kept running into problems (some were HTML problems, others were "lack of information" problems...), so I've scrapped that idea. For now, anyway.

     Also, I (along with a few good friends) will be attempting to translate Miho Komatsu's official site to English. We still have a LOT of work to do, but hopefully sometime this year, we should have something online. =)

     And now!! Onto the updates:
  1. I made the site "Firefox-friendly"!! Actually, the ENTIRE GlobeMoon Network had issues with Firefox. As it turns out, we were using crappy HTML code, so we had to fix everything. Thankfully, I didn't have to fix much, but poor Oasis Heart3...her entire site needs to be redone. xD

  2. ALL of Miho's lyrics -- including the Korean version of "Nazo" -- are now translated!! Well, with the exception of "dance (Rap Remix)". I'm still trying to get those lyrics...

  3. I added a new, downloadable version of "Nazo"!!! Check it out in the Famous Collaborations section. (^^) Detective Conan had its 10th anniversary recently...so Rina Aiuchi and Yuka Seagusa did a special remake of "Nazo" (as well as "Still For Your Love", which was originally done by Rumania Montevideo [AKA "Montevi"]. Montevi is an AWESOME band, by the way.)

         ...I also made a second, "new" set of lyrics just for the collaboration. So go check 'em out!! =)
     Ooh, and I almost forgot!! On November 22, Miho Komatsu will release a "best of" album!! It features all 26 title tracks from the CD singles (funny how ALL of those songs are some of her "best". But I couldn't agree more. xD) If you're too broke/cheap to buy ALL of her singles, then this is another great way to have 'em all, AND support Miho at the same time. (^^) Coolest of all, the collection will also have a bonus song, called "a happy ending". You can pre-order the album on this page (via YesAsia.com). You'll get free shipping! ^__^

»[June 3, 2006]
     I am pleased to announce that MonoKrome is back and better than ever!!! ^^

     Not only have the lyrics been fixed, but I also modified the site a little. Not only did I add 2 new Miho sites on the Links page...but now, the frames (ex: the ones on the "Famous Collaborations" section) don't have that annoying white border. Which makes me VERY happy. ^__^

     And...I also have NEW LYRICS. (^____^) Kiwi Musume has graceously translated the rest of Albums 5 ("source") & 6 ("Hanano"). There are 13 new lyrics on the site, which brings the grand total to 100 translated lyrics (with 12 left to translate)!!

- Where New Lyrics Are Located -
  • 3 Albums
  • [#5] source, lyrics, [#6] Hanano
  • 4 CD Singles
  • (#14) Saigo no Toride , (#15) Aishiteru... ,
    mysterious love, (#19) Watashi Sagashi
    **underlined = this CD is now complete**

         As usual, based on the context of the lyrics, some stand-alone titles have new translations:

    1. [Agaki] = changed from "Struggling" to "Angst"
    2. [Yakusoku no Umi] = now means "The Beach Where We Promised To Meet". (By itself, "Yakusoku no Umi" means "Beachside Promise" [or "The Beach Where We Made Our Promise"]. But, based on the context of the lyrics, the title changed slightly.)
    3. [Ashita o Matezu ni] = changed from "I Can't Wait for You" to "I Can't Wait Until Tomorrow" (actually, I'm not sure WHY it was translated as "I Can't Wait for You", since "ashita" ONLY means "tomorrow". o_O)

    »[May 25, 2006 & May 27, 2006]
         Here's a small, yet VERY major update: I messed up with the "lyric index" pages. I wrote some of the links wrong...and I didn't change one of the song totals. But everything's been fixed (Miho has 16 collaborated songs, not 15). Sorry for the inconvenience!! ><;;

    (for May 27, 2006)
    I have good news...and more bad news. ^^;

  • The good news: Kiwi Musume translated more lyrics!!! So...I have more lyrics to upload! (boy, do I have more lyrics to upload. Read below for more info. ~_~)

  • The bad news: I noticed some MAJOR glitches in a LOT of the pages here. Some of the frames have this annoying white border in them, and the lyrics pages have some discrepancies in them. I'm working on these issues...but the lyrics issue is so huge that ALL of the lyrics are offline. They should be back soon, though...so don't worry. (^^) Again, sorry for the inconvenience!! ><;;

  • »[May 22, 2006]
         Finally...despite mandatory overtime at work (and a computer trojan), the lyrics to "a piece of cake" are now COMPLETELY translated, and uploaded for all to see. Rejoice, everyone...for these new lyrics are GOOD. ^____^

    - Where New Lyrics Are Located -
  • 4 Albums
  • [#5] source, [#6] Hanano, [#8] a piece of cake, Wonderful World
  • 3 CD Singles
  • (#15) Aishiteru... , (#24) I just wanna hold you tight, (#25) Anata Iro
    **underlined = this CD is now complete**

         I am also happy to report that "Aishiteru..." and "Kimi Sae Ireba" have FINALLY been translated. Plus...I discovered/added a new Miho collaboration called "PRECIOUS PLACE" (scroll down for more info). And of course, with all of these updates, the appropriate pages have been...well, updated. (lyrics indexes, artist discographies, etc.)

         ...Speaking of which, some stand-alone song titles have changed based on their lyrics. See below for more information:

    1. [Haru no Kioku] = shortened from "Springtime Memories" to just "Spring Memories"
    2. [Kami-sama wa Jitto Miteiru] = changed from "God is Watching Us" to "God is Watching Me"
    3. [Anata no Te] = changed from "Your Hands" to just "Your Hand" (read the lyrics; the change DOES make sense)
         ...Lastly, here are a few more important notes:
      [1. Tooi Sora de]
           Yeah, I know this song was translated a while ago, but I made 2 MAJOR mistakes:

    1. In the text lyrics, I somehow credited Masao Akashi as the arranger. (o_O) The actual arranger is Daisuke Ikeda, so I fixed it.

    2. I also found out that Miho co-composed this song. A man named Yoshie Kazuo helped her (he was a former member of a group called TWINZER, and he's called "Mr. Music").
           I just found out about this song! It's by Rina Aiuchi, and Miho composed the music. (^^) It came out March 29, so it's still pretty new. You can get samples, lyrics, and the full size song in the Famous Collaborations section (Part 2.2).
      [3. Kimi Sae Ireba]
           I just want to apologize for the loooong wait. I've been promising these lyrics FOREVER. Here's what the problem was:

           Kiwi Musume and I have an arranged list of songs to work on, and "Kimi Sae Ireba" accidently got put waaaay down on the list. So it was delayed as a result. (^^;) But never fear! The lyrics are translated now, so go wild! Or whatever. ^^;;

    »[May 10, 2006]
         Sorry for the lyric delay!! Rest assured, Kiwi Musume is working on the lyrics as fast as she can (she's just been really busy lately). Meanwhile, I added the following to the site:
    1. MP3 samples for "a piece of cake".
    2. Miho's version of "Fukigen ni Naru Watashi". You can download the FULL-SIZE VERSION in the Famous Collaborations section. (Part 2.1)
         Enjoy! The lyrics are coming soon! ^^

    »[April 29, 2006]
         I updated A LOT today. (^^) First, I added a "Thank You & Links" section. Now you can learn about all the people who helped me...AND, you can find links to REALLY COOL Miho Komatsu sites as well.

         ...I also noticed a few mistakes in the site (extra scrollbars that shouldn't appear, translation mistakes, etc.) I even mislabled some of the links ("Bokura no Yukue" and Sayuri Iwata's songs wouldn't download)...but now, everything's fixed.

         Oh, and also...I incorrectly translated/wrote some of the song titles in "prime number". Here's everything I fixed:

    1. [Tsubasa wa Nakutemo] = changed from "Even Though You Don't Have Wings" to "Even Without Wings..."
    2. [Suna no Shiro] = changed from "White Sand" to "Sandcastle". ("shiro" can mean "white" OR "sand". There's different kanji for each definition...but I didn't pay attention to that. ^^;)
    3. [Kokyou] = changed from "Hometown" to "Home".
    4. [Kimi no Naseru Waza] = changed from "Your Skill" to "Something You Can Do".
    5. [Tokyo Hiyori] = Jeffrey's Dictionary says 日和 is read as "hiyori". But this should actually be read as "biyori" (according to Kiwi Musume)...and since she's the experienced translator, I changed it at her request. (I updated the MP3 sample, too. ^^)
         Lastly, Kiwi Musume translated ALL the lyrics to "Prime Number", and several songs from "Mirai", "everywhere", and "A thousand feelings". Plus, she translated "Bokura no Yukue". Total, she did 29 lyrics (hehe, 29 lyrics on the 29th. [^^] Anyway, you can find them on the Lyrics Masterlist, and on the following CDs):

    - Where New Lyrics Are Located -
  • 6 Albums
  • [#2] Mirai, [#3] everywhere, [#4] A thousand feelings,
    prime number , Wonderful World, lyrics
  • 6 CD Singles
  • (# 8) Saitan-kyori de, (#10) Anata ga Iru kara, (#16) dance,
    Tsubasa wa Nakutemo, (#21) Namida Kirari Tobase, (#22) Suna no Shiro
    **underlined = this CD is now complete**
           ...Oh, and:
    • Good news: Miho's 8th album was just released (on Wednesday, 4/26)!!!!
    • Bad news: Because I don't live in Japan, I probably won't have the album for at least a week. Suckage. T_T
    • More good news: When I DO get the album, that means I'll update the site AGAIN, with more lyrics and music. And, I may FINALLY get translations to the Korean version of "Nazo", and the rap remix to "dance". (^___^) Stay tuned...

    »[March 30 - 31, 2006]
         Hi everyone. T_T

         I was supposed to have this site online by March 30 ('cuz I wanted it to have the same birthday as Miho Komatsu). But due to sickness, bad weather, and a few site-related issues, things were postphoned for a day, and I apologize. (but luckily, I DID manage to upload half of the pages by March 30, so the site's birthday IS March 30. Technically. ^_^;;)

         Anyways!! Time for updates!! (^^) The entire site is new (today is the site's birthday)...so nothing's been updated yet. :P
    But I do have two things to say. First: Happy 32nd Birthday, Miho Komatsu!!! ^_^

         Second...I'm having a few translation issues with "prime number" (her 7th and latest album), as well as several other lyrics on the site. Once these issues are resolved, the lyrics will be posted. Sorry for the inconvenience!!!