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»[September 9, 2007]
     Still no new releases from Miho Komatsu...but I did hear a rumor from my friend. Supposedly, at the end of this year, Miho will FINALLY be releasing her PVs on DVD. ^___^

That rumor isn't the only thing I've added to this site, though. I've also made a few updates/changes around here:
  1. I fixed the links to the "happy ending" lyrics. The links worked fine in the "Lyrics (Masterlist)" page, but didn't work on the "Albums" page. That has been fixed.

  2. I've fixed a few "blemishes" around the site. These blemishes include other incorrect URLs (ex: NONE of the lyrics in the "Best ~Once More~" album were working), as well as other, smaller blemishes like missing quotation marks and an incorrect total in the "Lyrics (Masterlist)" pages. (Miho now has 113 lyrics...but I didn't write this number in the small note underneath the total. It still said 112. Also, I said that "113" also includes "dance [Rap Remix]". But that song has NOT been translated yet, so I should needed to write "1 lyric lacks a translation").

  3. I've corrected the lyrics to "I Just Wanna Hold You Tight". There were issues with the first verse. In that verse, I forgot to change "wo" into "o". But more importantly, Kiwi Musume contacted me and said the following about her translation:

         I made a mistake in I Just Wanna Hold You Tight by Komatsu Miho. I thought "suutto" was an onomatopoeic word, but it actually modifies the verb - so that part [the first verse] should read:

    What a horrible dream
    In spite of all my screams
    Your arm slipped
    Right out of my grip
    And you disappeared into the darkness

         ...Sorry about that! ^_^;;

    ...For those curious, the original verse was as follows:

    What a horrible dream
    In spite of all my screams
    Your arm slipped from my grip
    With a sickening noise

    And you disappeared into the darkness

»[May 8, 2007]
     Nope, nothing new has been added to the site. Miho hasn't released anything yet, but sometime this year a new CD is bound to come out. =)

     All I did today was update the site, because I just discovered (on another one of my sporadic visits here) that the homepage messed (and the counter got reset too, so apparently, my webhost is having problems). I have no way of knowing how long my homepage was missing, and if someone had emailed me, then the problem would have been fixed sooner. So I have to say this: If you see ANYTHING wrong with the site...PLEASE TELL ME!!

     You guys have to remember: since I build this site (and I get to see things firsthand, on my computer), there's no need for me to visit the site online. I have the entire site on my own computer, since I built it and all...

     That said, if things are messing up with my ONLINE site, you need to let me know! I don't visit my site online that much (not unless I'm uploading/updating things. That's when I'd check ALL the pages, just to make sure I didn't forget anything).

     So once again, please, I beg you...if you see ANYTHING wrong with the site...PLEASE TELL ME!! I'm a bit of a perfectionalist, so I won't snap at you or anything!!!

»[January 29, 2007]
     I accidently called her 8th album "source". "a piece of cake" is her 8th album, and "source" is her 5th...so I changed it. But when I deleted the old page and tried to replace it with the updated page...I couldn't! (>_<) My server was under maintenance!! So a page of the site was "missing"...

     Anyway, things have been fixed now and I apologize for the inconveniece. ^^;

EDIT: I also fixed the lyrics to "BOY FRIEND":
  1. It should say "hayaku", NOT "hakaku". (I don't know how this mistake was made...)
  2. I left out an ENTIRE stanza in the text version of the lyrics. x__X;;

»[January 26, 2007]
     ...FINALLY, after MONTHS, I have an update to the site. (^^) I did a lot of stuff this time:
  1. I updated ALL of the lyrics. There's a "glitch" that made the lyrics look really small in Firefox...so I fixed everything. (^^) I just feel bad for Oasis Heart3. Not only does she have to fix a TON of lyrics, but she puts her lyrics and WMAs together in the same file...so she has to update 100+ ZIP files as well. Poor thing. =(

  2. I updated the Famous Collaborations section (at the bottom of that page, you'll see which section I updated). Basically, I just discovered that Miho's version of "Tegotae no nai Ai" was also used for something!!! Her version is the opening to a video game called "L no Kisetsu" (which means "L Season". I'm assuming that "L" stands for "Love"). So I added that info to the "Tegotae no nai Ai" page...and now, the page looks a bit cramped. Sorry for that. ^^;;;

  3. I completed the discography for "Miho Komatsu BEST ~once more~". Most of the tracks are repeated from her previous CDs, but...there is one new track, called "happy ending". (^^) You can listen to the sample -- and read the lyrics -- in the discography section.

    - Where New Lyrics Are Located -
  4. 1 Album
  5. Miho Komatsu BEST ~once more~
    **underlined = this CD is now complete**