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»[October 26, 2008]
     One of my webhosts is shutting down permanently, so I had to move the MP3 and ZIP files to new locations. Because of this move, some of the files might be "unavailable" for a few hours...but if it's not back within 24 hours, please contact me (beacuse that means something is seriously wrong, and I need to fix it).

     Other than that, I haven't updated anything on the site. (><;) I hope Miho releases a CD REAL soon...I've almost given up hope. =\

»[September 16, 2008]
     Our site is back! :D

     A LOT of you probably wondered what happened. Well, it's a looong story, but basically we had issues with our old web hosting company. The issues were resolved in the end, and we had to change webhosts as well. But the new host has a really good reputation, so we shouldn't have anymore problems. ^^

     Now the only "issue" left to resolve is figuring out what Miho Komatsu is up to. It's been several years since she released anything, and since they never said she "retired" (and her diary entries and the image on her homepage are updated every week), I can only assume she's still singing. And alive. xD

     But I find it frustrating and a bit rude that she hasn't said SOMETHING to her fans. So I'd like for all of us to rally together and email her. Maybe if enough of us get together, we can make a difference. (^^) If you think it's a good idea, please let me know.

»[January 24, 2008]
     There are STILL no new releases from Miho Komatsu (and I know she's still alive 'cuz her diary keeps being updated). But I did discover a new song...or rather, a new remix to one of Miho's songs.

     Last month, Mikuni Shimokawa (she's another J-Pop singer) released a new, 2-disc CD. One of the CDs is a "remake of classic anime songs", sorta like Para Para MAX and all those other Anime Song (or "AniSon") series out there. Mikuni did a remix to "Negai-goto Hitotsu Dake", and she did a great job. (^^) Her voice is nice; I might actually become a fan of hers. (^__^) Anyway, you can download this song in Famous Collaborations (Part 1.1). I also updated the lyrics accordingly. And...I also noticed another mistake in the same "Negai-goto" section: I never linked to "Boku no Yukue"s lyrics. This mistake has been around for YEARS, too. (xD) But it's been fixed now, so rejoice! =D

     I also updated ALL the rest of the lyrics on the site. A lot of the lyrics were EXTREMELY small (due to a mistake I made with the font size)...but now they've been fixed. ^^