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***Updated Feb-22-2007***

Tonight (Feb-22-07), at midnight (EST), the site will be down for a MAJOR update. Sorry for the inconvenience!!

     ^_^ Hi there. Welcome to my site!! I apologize for the ...uh... somewhat crappy layout (XD), but I kept having writer's block and brain freeze, so this is the best I could do. (^^;) But maybe...you can look beyond the rough exterior and see the beauty and importance within. Afterall, Do As Infinity looks like "an average band" -- at first glimpse -- but I'm sure you've learned how exceptional they really are. ^_~

     My name is Oasis_heart3 (sometimes written as "Oasis Heart3". But you can call me "Oasis" for short. =) My name is a combination of 2 of my favorite Do As Infinity songs ("Oasis" and "Heart"), and "3" represents the 3 main members in the band. (^^) I've been a fan of Do As Infinity for years, and I figured it was high time for me to make a site dedicated to them. But I was having major problems...I didn't know what to call my site...nor did I know how to make my site stand out among the thousands of sites already online...

     Thankfully, my questions soon got answers. One day, while playing my songs with WinAmp's Shuffle Mode, it played two Do As Infinity songs back to back. The songs were "We are." and "For the Future". It was an interesting choice of songs, but they sounded really good together...and I thought about those two song titles. If they were strung together in a phrase, it'd say "We are For the Future". That's a pretty powerful message. It reflects how DAI is a universal group and won't die anytime soon, and it also shows how I plan to make my site last just as long as they do.

     By this time, I finally had ideas on how to make my site last. Some of those ideas are being kept secret for now, but trust me, you'll like them. ^_~

     The main purpose of this site, for now and forever, is MUSIC. So I WILL have MP3s. But more importantly, I will have LYRICS...TRANSLATED...IN ENGLISH. Because, despite Do As Infinity's popularity, many of their songs lack a translation and that's really a shame.

     I've searched the Internet for a long time, trying to find the best translations of their songs. If I couldn't find a translation, then I'd ask my friends to translate for me. Eventually, I too, will become a translator, and things will be even more efficient than they already are. ^_^

How to Navigate the Site
     It's really simple!! Just remember:

  • The bottom 3 images (D.reaming, A.chieving, I.nspiring) serve as links. Click on an image, and a menu will appear on the left side of the screen. From there, just choose where you want to go.

  • Destination: Home : returns you here, to the home page

  • Definition of a Band: lists basic info on the band

  • Downloads (My Faves): my favorite songs; permanently online

  • Dai-suki!!: A fan site for Dai Nagao! Has samples of his work, sub-sections for his "Area404" artists, and a LOT more. =D

  • All the Lyrics: the master list; contains links for ALL of the translated lyrics

  • Albums vs. CD Singles: this is where I explain (and post samples to) differences in album versions, CD single remixes, and original versions of songs.

  • Albums... : a discography showcasing their albums. Also links to lyrics and samples for ALL of their songs.

  • And CD Singles... : a discography showcasing their CD singles. Again, it links to lyrics and samples for ALL of their songs.

  • And Other Releases... : a discography showcasing their albums. Sort of. ^^; (You'll see when you get there, hehe...)

  • Absolute Van: A fan site for Tomiko Van! Has an interactive discography, lyrics, and more. ^^

  • Interesting Facts (Band): interesting (sometimes weird) facts about the band. Don't worry, there's nothing too bizarre...like Ryo sleeping in a diaper at night. o_O

  • Interesting Facts (Songs): any interesting or odd thing involving Do As Infinity songs. Right now, it deals with their commercialized music, written lyrics, and song title origins. Take a look...

  • Info on Me & the Site: have questions, comments, concerns, or just wanna learn more about me and this site? Then here's the place you need to go!!

  • Incredible Links: want to visit a few good sites? Or you just want to leave? (-_-) This is the place to be! Visit a fellow DAI-fan's site and spread the love!!

  • Innovation: Ryo : A fan site for Ryo Owatari (and Missile Innovation)! Has an interactive discography, lyrics, and more. ^^