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     ^_^ Hi there. Welcome to my site!!

     My name is Oasis_heart3 (sometimes written as "Oasis Heart3". But you can call me "Oasis" for short. =) The main purpose of this site, for now and forever, is MUSIC. So I WILL have MP3s. But more importantly, I will have LYRICS -- TRANSLATED -- IN ENGLISH. Because, despite Do As Infinity's popularity, many of their songs lack a translation and that's really a shame.

     I've searched the Internet for a long time, trying to find the best translations of their songs. If I couldn't find a translation, then I'd ask my friends to translate for me. Eventually, I too, will become a translator, and things will be even more efficient than they already are. ^_^

     I hope you enjoy your stay!! Thanks again for visiting!! =D

-Oasis Heart3

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  • Sept-24-2008 : YMCK & DE DE MOUSE - "DOWN TOWN"
    NOTE: YUKA is a guest vocalist on track 2, "Rouge no Dengon".
  • (CDJapan | YesAsia)
  • Oct-15-2008 : moumoon - "more than love"
  • (CDJapan:   CD+DVD | CD Only)
    (YesAsia:    CD+DVD | CD Only)
  • Oct-15-2008 : Kohey Tsuchiya - "Music Flower"
    NOTE: Van is a guest vocalist on the title track.

  • (CDJapan | YesAsia)
  • Nov-12-2008 : moumoon - "moumoon"
  • (CDJapan:   CD+DVD | CD Only)
    (YesAsia:    CD+DVD | CD Only)
  • Dec-10-2008 : Tomiko Van - "Van."
  • (CDJapan:   CD+DVD | CD Only)
    (YesAsia:    CD+DVD | CD Only)

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  • Jun-17-2008 : Tomiko Van - "Tokyo Biyori"
  • (CDJapan:   CD+DVD | CD Only)
    (YesAsia:    CD+DVD | CD Only)

  • Jun-4-2007 : moumoon - "Tiny Star"
  • (CDJapan:   CD+DVD | CD Only)
    (YesAsia:    CD+DVD | CD Only)