Ryo/Missile Innovation Discography (Albums)
     Here's a list of all of Missile Innovation's albums (and collaborations!!). They're in order from old to new...but, the newest album is always at top of the page. (^^) Also, be sure to check out Missile Innovation's Wikipedia (and Wiki.theppn) pages for more in-depth info on the CDs!!!
    Other Notes
  1. All track titles are written as they appear on Japanese CDs...even if it's grammatically incorrect ("nice & easy" vs. "Nice & Easy").

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Be a man
(Full-Length Album #1)

+Produced by: tearbridge records (part of avex trax)
+Catalogue #: NFCD-27020
+Release Info: July 5, 2006
Track Song Title English Lyrics
02. Here we go! HTML
03. Odoro yo HANII (Honey) HTML
04. Be a man HTML
05. Asobi ni Ikou yo HTML
06. Flying high HTML
07. 777 HTML
08. Fit HTML
10. JUUSHII (Juicy) na Hibi HTML

+More Info: This is their first full-length album. Rejoice! (^^) Most of the tracks are brand-new, but "Odoro yo Honey" and "Here we go!" were previously released on CD singles.

     Also, I think it's cute how track 7 is "777". =)

     Please choose an album below. I've numbered all the official albums (the remaining albums = compilations/remixes of previously released songs).

teal links = new/updated CD
HTML = translation revised
no link (regular text) = CD/lyrics not available

 Missile Innovation
 Be a man

(gold number = done AFTER Do As Infinity broke up)

teal links = new/updated song
no link (regular text) = song not available yet

-Ryo by himself-
01. Misaki
03. Koe
04. Boku no Heya ni Oide
05. flower garden
06. COME ON, NOW!!
07. El Dorado
08. Smile
09. Misao
11. Sakuranbo ~Studio Live Version~
13. U-boat
19. Yoake
-Ryo, with Missile Innovation-
14. BLOOD on FIRE [Live Version]
15. Friday Party [Live Version]
16. DRAGON FIRE [Live and Original Versions]
17. Hallelujah [Live Version]
18. Tokyo Purin ga 10(juu)-shuu-nen

Missile Innovation
(Mini-Album #1)

+Produced by: tearbridge records (part of avex trax)
+Catalogue #: NFCD-10005
+Release Date: July 27, 2005

Track Song Title English Lyrics
01. Moroheiya DANDII HTML
02. Azayaka na Hana HTML
03. Missile Innovation HTML
04. Manic Monday  [!] HTML
05. Suna no Oshiro HTML

[!] = "Manic Monday" is a remake. It was originally done by The Bangles. You can learn more (and download BOTH versions!!) on The Highest Form of Flattery page.

+More Info:  I never realized it, but...this album was released while DAI was still together. And it came out a few months before the breakup. That was a major hint! We should've figured it out then!! This was probably the first sign that they were breaking up!!! "TAO" was even released on the same day!!! Two CDs at once is NOT a good thing. Unless you're Ayumi Hamasaki or something. >_<

     Anyway, about this album. Missile Innovation...really, REALLY love themselves. (^^;) Not only is the group called "Missile Innovation"...but their first (mini-) album is called "Missile Innovation". And that CD has a song called "Missile Innovation"...it can get pretty confusing. I guess all that matters is that "Missile Innovation" -- the song, the CD, and the group -- ROCKS.

     One of the coolest things about the CD is that Ryo did a self-cover for "Azayaka na Hana". He wrote the lyrics and music himself, and Do As Infinity made it famous. You can get download both versions on the Downloads page.

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