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     On September 29, 2005 -- exactly 6 years after Do As Infinity formed -- the band split up.
     But that's not the end of the story...

     Dai & Van decided to leave Do As Infinity's rock style in the past. They wanted to create a new chapter in their lives. Did Ryo do the same?

     ...HECK NO.

     Ryo was, and always will be, a rocker. Before he joined Do As Infinity, he was a member of a rock band called Pee-ka-boo. And now, he's formed a new band with 2 former members of Pee-ka-boo (who are also twin brothers). That new band is called "Missile Innovation" (or "MI" for short).

     This time around, Ryo takes lead vocals. He has a nice voice, and his songs are fun and full of energy...but if you heard "Tsurezure Naru Mama ni", or any live DoAs song, then you already knew that. =)

     Aside from being the lead vocalist, Ryo also writes the lyrics for MI. And I'm happy to report that this time, ALL the lyrics make sense. (With his DAI songs, there was a 50% chance the lyrics were random. xD) And not to worry -- Ryo still plays guitar. So he sings, writes, and plays an instrument. The man's got SKILLS.

     If you miss DoAs' rock sounds, you should give MI a try. You'll probably like them. But you can always try the samples, downloads, or translated lyrics to find out. =)

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