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    As of February 25, 2009 --
  • Total Albums: 4 (1 official album + 2 cover/remake albums + 1 collab/anime album)
  • Total Singles: 4
  • Total Songs: 19+ (includes karaoke/instrumental tracks, remixes, and Live versions)

    MY TOTAL LYRICS: 20 [*]
    (3 lyrics lack a translation)

    [*] = this total DOES NOT include Van's collaborations OR her cover albums. In other words, none of these songs are listed in this total.

         ...But if I were to include them in the total, there'd be 53 lyrics. =)

     Welcome! This is the master list where you can access ALL of the translated lyrics I have. The lyrics are in HTML format, and listed in alphabetical order. I also have text (*.txt) versions of the lyrics available as well.

     If you don't see a song on here, there are two possible reasons:
  1. You're using the wrong title!! I list songs based on their romaji title, so "Paradise" would be listed as "Rakuen". It's also possible that someone romanized the song differently: for instance, "Kouzou Keikaku" (which is an incorrect spelling) has also been called "Kouzou Kaikaku".

  2. I didn't add the song yet. I'm only listing songs that CONTAIN ENGLISH-TRANSLATED LYRICS.

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Van's Collaborations & Covers
(30 out of 30 lyrics are available)

     Because Van has such a great voice (and she's really popular), lots of artists do collaborations with her. Usually, these collabs ARE NOT included on her own CDs.

     Van's done two types of collaborations:

Collabs (while still in Do As Infinity) -- 4 lyrics
     When Van did these songs, she was still in Do As Infinity. So, I posted the samples/downloads in the DAI section of the site. Specifically, I posted them in Special Downloads (Part 7).

     There's actually a total of 5 "original" songs (2 of the songs have remixes...and but the remixes share the same lyrics), but since "Hold me..." was put on Van's official album ("Farewell"), it is NOT counted in this total.

  • again
  • Drive me nuts
  • El Dorado
  • Hold me...
  • I miss you?
  • [*]

    [*] = these songs have remixes...but the remixes share the same lyrics.

    Collabs (after Do As Infinity) -- 2 lyrics
         Even as a solo artist, Van still collaborates with other artists. (^^) Expect this list to grow overtime, but right now since the first 2 songs were finally put on Van's CDs, they are NOT counted in this total.

    Artist/Series Name
  • TRF (feat. Tomiko Van)
  • Disney's "Cinderella" (Ilene Woods)
  • REIDEEN (anime series)
  • Makoto Saito
  • Truth ['94]
    A Dream Is a Wish Your Heart Makes
    manacles (REIDEEN Edit ver.)

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    Van's Covers -- 24 (out of 24) lyrics
         These are songs that were originally done by other artists, but Van decided to remake it. (^^) Right now, the only covers she's done are from her two "VOICE" albums, but this section might grow overtime. <3

    "VOICE ~cover you with love~" (12 lyrics)
    Original Artist
    01. Yuka Kawamura (1998)
    02. Ann Lewis (1992)
    03. Motoharu Sano (1981)

    04. Yosui Inoue (2001 - remake)
          Sachiko Nishida (1961 - original)

    04. Mario Suárez (1958 - original, Spanish)

    05. Kyoko Koizumi (1993)
    06. ASKA (1991)
    07. Mayumi Itsuwa (1972)
    08. Kyu Sakamoto (1963)

    09. TRF (1993)
           TRF (1994)

    10. Bread (1971)

    11. Kazuo Zaitsu (1978)

    12. Tomiko Van (2006)
    Yoru ni Kizutsuite

    Coffee Rumba

    Moliendo Café

    Yasashii Ame
    Hajimari wa Itsumo Ame
    Miagete Goran Yoru no Hoshi o

    TRUTH ['94]


    Kitte no Nai Okuri-mono (Van's ver.)
    Kitte no Nai Okuri-mono (Orig. ver.)


    "VOICE 2 ~cover lovers rock~" (11 lyrics)
    Original Artist
    01. SPITZ (1996)
    02. Masayoshi Yamasaki (1998)
    03. Masatoshi Ono (1992)
    04. Naotaro Moriyama (2003)
    05. Masaharu Fukuyama (1994)
    06. Noriyuki Makihara (1992)
    07. Yutaka Ozaki (1983)
    08. TULIP (1974)
    09. ECHOES (1989)
    10. The Kaleidoscope (2001)
    11. Roy Orbison (1964)
    CHERII (Cherry)
    Boku wa Koko ni Iru
    You're the Only...
    Tooku Tooku
    Seishun no Kage
    Aisubeki Hito yo
    Oh Pretty Woman

    "Tokyo Biyori" (1 lyric)
    Original Artist
    01. Original Love (1996)
    Hum a Tune