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      Apr-26-2009: Hello again, everyone!

Well, it's been a loooong time coming, but I am nearly finished with the newest version "We are For the Future". The new site will be easier to navigate, and it have more information and music than before. <3

Aside from the layout changes, the site's URL will be different as well. (^^) Right now you can't access the new URL, but if you visit the current URL (, you will be redirected to the new site on May 3, 2009. And if you've joined my newsletter, I will send you an email with the direct URL on May 3, 2009.

On another subject, I will like to point out that I'm having difficulties getting song lyrics translated...but I've come up with a solution, and I'd like your help! So, please read this short page for more information.

Thank you for your patience, and I hope you'll like the new site! =D

      Mar-2-2009: Hello everyone! ^^

     I just learned from ANNA @ that Do As Infinity is holding a very special contest called "Do Creative!". It's your chance to submit a melody to them in the hopes of having it turned into a song!

     If you're a musician (or you just happen to have a catchy melody), this could be your chance at fame! (^_^) You can read all the details and rules (in English!) at the official "Do Creative!" website:
(The contest starts March 14, 2009)

     ...Please tell other people about the contest, too! =D

      Feb-25-2009: I know I'm a week behind schedule, and I'm sorry. (><;) But I got sick, all thanks to my little cousin and his "gift" of the common cold. T____T

Here's what I've updated today:

For Every Site
I fixed even more mistakes. (-_-) I even added a new member to the RID Squad.

Do As Infinity
I fixed a few typos (and HTML) errors, including some in the following lyrics:

  • Raven
  • Shinjitsu no Uta
  • El Dorado
  • "Do The Live" (MC Translation)
  • ...Also, there's a new Do As Infinity song!!! It's called "MERAMERA" (which means "burst into flames"). Someone attending their concert recorded part of the song, and it was later posted here by leona-chan. (^_^) The song sounds like something Van wrote; something about the song's structure really reminds me of "manacles" and "labyrinth".

    I added the following lyrics:

  • Aoi Tsuki to Ambivalence na Ai
  • don't wanna be
  • more than love
  • follow me
  • Ai no Oto
  • Myself
  • I also revised the following lyrics; turns out I got some of the Song Arrangers wrong:

  • Sunrise
  • Do you remember? (Japanese and English Versions)
  • Cinderella
  • Tiny Star (Japanese and English Versions)
  • Tomiko Van
    I added the following lyric:

  • manacles (full version)
  • Ryo Owatari
    I added samples for pee-ka-boo's last two songs, "GARASU (Glass) no Taiyou", and "Love Maze". (^^) Unfortunately I don't have these lyrics (yet), but the samples have been added to their Profile/discography page.

    This also means you can download another pee-ka-boo CD: it's their Mini-Album/Promotional CD. =D

    Every month I fix mistakes...and there's a reason for it. I'm a scatter-brained person (xD)...but more importantly, it's because I built this site by hand. That means I DID NOT use HTML programs (like FrontPage or Dreamweaver). I typed all the HTML code -- which I stored in my brain -- into NotePad. And then I save everything as a .html document.

    Why didn't I use HTML programs? Because it seemed tedious to go to File -> Insert -> Tables..., or File -> New -> Page..., etc. everytime I wanted to make something. And since I already know the actual HTML codes, and I have a typing speed of 65 words per minute, I could probably do it faster by myself.

    However, HTML programs can spellcheck and error-check pages accurately and instantly, and they have other benefits too. So now I'm forcing teaching myself how to use FrontPage, CoffeeCup and Dreamweaver, which means the site will improve in the future.

    Speaking of improving the site...the site layout will change sometime this year (hopefully by March or April). Thanks again to everyone who answered my short survey!

    The new layout is being done by hand, BUT...I'm proofreading the pages very carefully, and I've used error-checking sites like The W3C CSS Validation Service. I've also created an Excel document that keeps track of all the lyrics on this site.

    So...there won't be (m)any typos on the new site! ^o^

          Feb-18-2009: Yes, the site is still "active" -- and I'm still alive. (xD) Sorry I haven't been here in a while!! I've been busy with work/school...but more importantly, I've been busy working on a new site layout, which will hopefully be online between March-April 2009.

         I know that's not much of an update. (^^;) But this coming Sunday (February 22, 2009), I will have an actual update...which includes new lyrics. =)

         I hope you had a nice Valentine's Day!! ^^

          Dec-14-2008: Hello! (^^) I know I'm reeeeaally behind schedule with the updates, but things have just been really busy/crazy in my offline life, so I haven't had much time (or energy) to work on the site.

         But now I'm back...and I've brought updates! (^^) The following sites/sections have been updated: Do As Infinity, Kazuyoshi Saito, Tomiko Van, Ryo Owatari, Amasia Landscape, and moumoon. For more in-depth information, please visit these individual sites.

    UPDATES: For Every Site - For Kazuyoshi Saito's Site

      For Every Site:
    1. I updated the "Rid Squad" section :: A really nice visitor named Bren S. told me about a small typo in "Good for you". Apparently, one of the lines in was accidentally typed twice. This mistake has now been fixed.

    2. I'm planning to change the site layout next year...and I need your help!: I made this 9-question survey that I'd really like you to answer. (^^) Thanks in advance!!

      For Kazuyoshi Saito's Site:
    1. I've revised ALL of his lyrics: Thanks to Kiwi Musume, all of Kazuyoshi Saito's lyrics have been revised! (^^) All of the revised lyrics have been added to the site, and referenced in the "Lyrical Updates" section.

          Oct-30-2008: This time, I didn't "update" the site with lyrics or anything (although I will be adding lyrics in November!), but I did some technical updates that most people probably won't even notice.

         One of my web servers is shutting down, so I had to reupload several MP3s and ZIP files, then update the HTML pages to reflect these changes. As a result, several ZIP files no longer have "direct links" (ie: if the file is on, you have to open the link in a new window, then click on a download link). And some of the new MP3 servers might be a bit slow. But at least everything is up and running, and that's really what matters most.

         So that's basically all that I did: I updated all the albums/singles/tributes, albums vs. singles, and download pages. And I've made certain that ALL of the links work. =)

          Oct-21-2008: I did a LOT to the site this time...but unfortunately, I didn't do anything to Do As Infinity's site (or the Lyrical Updates section). I updated the following sites: Ryo, Van, moumoon, I-lulu. So head there to learn more. ^^

          Oct-4-2008: This time around, I made some MAJOR updates. Which isn't necessarily a good thing. ^^;

         I only updated 4 sites this time: the main site, Do As Infinity, Ryo, and SE7EN. Look below to read the updates for the main site and Do As Infinity. If you'd like to read about Ryo and SE7EN's updates, please visit their individual sites.

    UPDATES: For Every Site - For Do As Infinity's Site

      For Every Site:
    1. I updated the "Rid Squad" section :: A really nice visitor named Jojo caught an extremely major mistake on the site. Read Do As Infinity's update for more information.

      For Do As Infinity's Site:
    1. I reuploaded ALL of Do As Infinity's lyrics :: As stated earlier, a nice visitor named Jojo wrote me. She told me that the lyrics to "Shinjitsu no Uta [Mandarin Version]" were missing. And she also told me there was a mistake in the lyrics to "Grateful Journey".

           That's when I looked for both lyrics on the site, and I realized that she was right. I also realized that I uploaded the old, UNCORRECTED version of "Grateful Journey" (and several other songs)!! Apparently, there was a HUGE mistake when I changed to my new webhost, and the old files were uploaded by accident...but this issue HAS been fixed now.

    2. I've updated the discography (and Lyrics Indexes): Since the lyrics are being updated, some of the translated song titles have changed. The discography pages have been corrected as a result:

      • Na no Hanabatake = "Canola Flower Garden" (orig: "Vegetable Garden" -- read the translation for more info)

    3. More lyrics have been revised: Kiwi Musume revised 4 of the last 6 Do As Infinity songs. (^^) All that's left is "Shinjitsu no Uta [Mandarin Version]", and "Susume Namake-mono". The rest of Kazuyoshi Saito's songs are being revised as well.

      Anyway, these latest revisions mean 98% of the lyrics are in Phase 2!! We're almost done!! ^___^
      (NOTE: We'll be working on Tomiko's solo lyrics next.)

      Revised by Kiwi Musume (4 lyrics):
      *Drive me nuts
      *I miss you?
      *Na no Hanabatake

          Sept-15-2008: This time around, I didn't update a lot of the sites (in fact, I only updated Do As Infinity's site, and the "Lyrical Updates" section). But despite the few updates, I have a LOT of good news to report. :D

         For starters, "We are For the Future" is back home!! (^_^) And this time, it'll be here to stay.

         There's more good news to report as well. See below for more info. <3

      For Every Site:
    1. I fixed major problems in their "Lyrical Updates" section: For some reason, a LOT of "phase1" pages didn't get uploaded. And there were some formatting issues with a few of the "phase2" lyrics. (o_O) But I've fixed the problems now (I think. >.>), so everything should be fine. <3

      For Do As Infinity's Site:
    1. I'm sure you already know this, but Do As Infinity has reunited!: I still get excited at the thought of it, don't you? (^___^) Best of all, their new album is expected to be out in spring 2009. =D

    2. I added a "new" song to the site!: Go to the "Downloads (Special)" page, and look in the "Remakes & Tributes" section. (^^) I also changed the appearance of this section (and the "Collaborations" section): now you can read my notes and comments before you sample the songs. (My notes were originally placed after the songs). This should make the page a bit easier to read/navigate.

           Anyway, about the new song. (^^) A really talented DJ named Masa made a mash-up CD featuring Japanese and American artists. All of the tracks are REALLY well done, and include mash-ups such as Ayumi Hamasaki vs. Nelly Furtado, Namie Amuro vs. Gwen Stefani, Morning Musume vs. Shakira, and...t.A.T.u. vs. Do As Infinity.

           The Do As Infinity mash-up is called "All The Things She Said under the moon", and it's a really good song. I highly recommend it to everyone. At the very least, play the sample. I'm sure you'll be impressed...even if you're not a fan t.A.T.u. =)

    3. I've updated the discography (and Lyrics Indexes): Since the lyrics are being updated, some of the translated song titles have changed. The discography pages have been corrected as a result:

      • Koi Otome = "A Girl in Love" (orig: "A Girl's Love")
      • Kouzou Kaikaku = "Reconstruction" (orig: "New Foundation" -- read the translation for more info)
      • Tsubasa no Keikaku = "Plans for Our Wings" (orig: "Plan for Wings")

      Remember: updated lyrics have been marked with this -- HTML

    4. More lyrics have been revised: Just like last month, Kiwi Musume's been working VERY hard -- she managed to revise FORTY-TWO (42) lyrics. That's almost twice as many as she did before!! This also means 94% of the lyrics are in Phase 2 -- just a few more to go, and then we're done!! ^___^
      (NOTE: We'll be working on Tomiko's solo lyrics next.)

      Revised by Kiwi Musume (42 lyrics):
      *ai no uta
      *BE FREE
      *Field of dreams
      *For the future
      *Gates of Heaven
      *Get Yourself
      *Good for you
      *Grateful Journey
      *Hang Out
      *Hi no Ataru Sakamichi
      *I can't be myself
      *Koi Otome
      *Kouzou Kaikaku
      *Mahou no Kotoba
      *mellow amber
      *My Wish - My Life
      *Need Your Love
      *one flesh
      *One or Eight
      *Perfect Lady
      *Thanksgiving Day
      *Tooku Made
      *Treasure Pleasure
      *Tsubasa no Keikaku
      *Ultimate G.V.
      *What you gonna do?