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Help Needed!!
(posted on May 3, 2009)

I need help with quite a few things, so if you're able to help, please do! I'd greatly appreciate it! (:

Thanks in advance to anyone who can help!!

1) Point out any mistakes you see:  If you notice any typos, or incorrect/missing/broken URLs, please contact me!  As thanks, I'll put you in The Rid Squad section, and link to your website. ^^

2) Volunteer to Translate: I'd love to have people who can fluently translate between English AND Japanese; there's a lot of lyrics, interviews, MCs, etc. that still need to be translated.  However, I'm also looking for people who can translate other languages too!  I'd love for this site to be international, so if you can help, please contact me.

3) Donate: If you're not fluent in Japanese (or any language other than English), don't worry -- there's still a way you can help get everything translated. ^^

As I explained on this page, a lot of translators are too busy to translate for free...and although they give me good translation deals, I can't afford to pay it by myself because I'm on a low income.  The list of untranslated material is still pretty big...but if you help me cover the costs, things will get done quickly and accurately. (^^) And again, you're helping me with the cost; I'm still going to donate money myself.

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