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Give Credit If You Take Things from Here!
(posted on June 11, 2009)

I know this isn't your typical news update, but it needs to be said.
Also, please forgive the profanity I'm about to spew out, but I'm mad as hell right now.

I just discovered some assholes stole lyrics from this site.  They were posted here, on JPopAsia, without crediting the translators OR this site. Since I post credits IMMEDIATELY IN FRONT OF THE LYRICS, there's no way they could have missed this. Hell, since I posted the credits, all these assholes had to do was copy/paste the information!!  They copied/pasted the lyrics, which are MUCH LONGER than the credits section!!!

I post credits because it's the right thing to do. Yes, credits are a nice way to thank people and all, but they also serve an important purpose:

1) Citing your sources stops people from asking questions. With lyrics, the ideal question would be "Who translated this? They're good and I'd like to see more of their work!"

2) Citing your sources helps save your ass.  If there's ever a discrepancy, you know exactly who to turn to for questions. And there are definitely questions that need to be asked, considering some of these fucking theives used the old, unrevised lyricsWhich means they're full of errors.

"We are For the Future" prides itself on quality, and friendly interaction.  You'll always find good, quality work here -- the translators are some of the best in the business, and I do a shitload of research so you don't have to (ex: naming the composer/arrangers, listing EVERY CD a song is on so you'll know which CDs to buy). And we pride ourselves on answering emails and feedback.  If you see something wrong, you can email us and get a response.  I've even encouraged people to write me, because there might be mistakes on the site!!

I doubt shanti can even translate, and the bitch probably won't answer your emails either.  I'm almost tempted to write her and ask if she takes translation requests.  In fact, I think I will.  I'll probably dumb down my diction to 1337, too: "liek, do you translates and stuff? 'Cuz I'd loove to see more ofyour work! LOL~!  I luv DO As Infinityz, and ur lyrics are teh greatest!"

shanti is an asshole. And so is every other thief on that site. Thankfully in this situation, JPopAsia immediately contacted me and we worked out a compromise...however, next time things might not go so smoothly.

To conclude:
• If you take ANYTHING from here -- not just lyrics -- list the people you got it from. That includes me, Oasis Heart3.

• Be sure to list this site's URL.  Use  -- or you can use the sub-site's direct URL. For Do As Infinity, the direct URL is

• I just gave you the credits above, so all you need to do is copy and paste.  Even blind and mentally disabled people can do that.  So if you can't do that, you're a real piece of work.  As well as a ridiculously lazy, pathetic, rude asshole.

• If I catch you stealing, I will work damn hard to get my stuff removed.  And if you really piss me off, I'll try getting you banned.

• Stuff like this encourages people to NOT want to translate lyrics, or keep things online. If it continues, "We are For the Future" will be permanently taken offline.

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