Main Site - Older Updates

I added two more people to the RID Squad. (^^) They helped me fix mistakes with two lyrics.

I added a new, VERY IMPORTANT survey to this homepage. Your vote will help determine the fate of this website, so please fill out the survey! Thanks in advance!

I also updated Do As Infinity's FAQ, in relation to a "mistake" that keeps being made with their "Eternal Flame" album.

Lastly, I added a new area to the "Thank-You's" section. Now YOU, the visitor, can recommend helpful HTML sites to me and other people. (^^) So, if you know any good places to download HTML-related software, or any tutorial sites that teach Flash, or anything else that's helpful (including books and DVDs), please visit the new area to learn more.

Thanks in advance!=D

I updated a question in the Lyrics FAQ. I forgot that Kiwi Musume also takes translation requests. ^^;

I've also added a new poll to the site. (^^) Thank you to everyone who answered the old poll! Most of you like the new layout, which makes me happy.

For those who don't like the new layout...I'm sorry. (xD) Once I improve my web design skills, I'd really like your input on a new, special project I have planned for the site. Right now, it's still a secret~

I've added a new question to the Lyrics FAQ (and Do As Infinity's FAQ); it's at the last question on each list.

I've also updated the RID Squad. A nice visitor named BlackMage told me about 3 mistakes in the romaji lyrics for "Tokyo Biyori", a Tomiko Van song.

The site has a new layout, and a LOT has been added. See each sub-site for more information.