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  1. "NEUTRAL" Type
  2. (#1) Goldenvine
  3. (#2) Flower Crown

Flower Crown
(Mini-Album #2)

CD cover
+Produced by: avex trax
+Catalogue #: AVCD-17880 [CD+DVD]
+Release Date: December 14, 2005

+More Info:
Like the previous release ("Goldenvine"), this DVD also has two clips: the music video for "Seiya no Tomoshibi", and "Be in love". As for the album itself...words cannot being to describe how much I LOVE IT. ^_^

It's like they took the failure and mistakes they made on their previous 2 albums, sat down, analyzed everything, and found the perfect solution. They've come up with something so moving and rich that it's unlike anything I've ever heard. It has a such a soothing, ambient sound...and the lyrics are absolutely gorgeous. It's hard to believe this album came out just 5 months after "Goldenvine"!!!

In fact, I almost wonder if they never meant to release "Goldenvine" (maybe they didn't like those songs, either?), but avex forced them to release it anyway. (xD) That's how drastically different those two albums are.

I seriously love ALL the lyrics -- they've just as unique as the music -- but my favorite lyrics/song is "Be in love". I've never heard anyone write such a touching song about a mother's love for their child. And the choir at the end of the song was a very nice touch. (^^) I highly recommend this album to everyone!!

D.A.I Works - "NEUTRAL" Type (Akico from Amasia Landscape)
(Dedication Mini-Album)

CD cover
+Produced by: avex trax
+Catalogue #: AVCD-17624
+Release Date: March 30, 2005

+More Info:
(NOTE: If you open the lyrics and look at the bottom, you'll find a link to Do As Infinity's version of the song)

This album is a "dedication" to Do As Infinity, featuring English "remakes" to classic Do As Infinity songs. I personally love two tracks on here: "Flyout" (which is done almost entirely in Japanese), and "Lame Game You Played" (mostly because I LOOOVE the original song, "Kouzou Kaikaku"). As for the rest of the tracks...well...

The lyrics and music are pretty good...but the vocals are TERRIBLE. Akico mispronounced a LOT of words; you almost couldn't tell she was singing in English. x_x

There were some production issues with this CD as well:

  • Track #1: On the CD, and their website, this track is called "Heads on High". BUT...the lyrics clearly say "Hands on High", and that actually makes more sense. So this was a MAJOR, and TOTALLY UNNECESSARY mistake. [ see the proof ]

  • Track #2: The CD, and their website, call this track "Just a Word". But the lyrics clearly say "Just a Word to Let Me Know". This isn't too major when you think about it, but considering they had plenty of space to write the full title, there's really no excuse. [ see the proof ]

  • Track #4: They put the end of the song at the beginning of the lyrics. o_O [ see the proof ]

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    (Mini-Album #1)

    CD cover
    +Produced by: avex trax
    +Catalogue #: AVCD-17688 [CD+DVD]
    +Release Date: July 27, 2005

    +More Info:
    This is Amasia Landscape's first official album. It's better than "NEUTRAL" Type, but definitely not their best album ("Flower Crown" is AWESOME, and definitely an improvement! It's almost hard to believe that album came out just a few months after "Goldenvine"). The DVD has two videos, called "Angle 1" and "Angle 2". I believe both Angles are the music videos/PVs for every track on the album.

    Unfortunately(?), this album was probably overlooked in terms of sales. Aside from Amasia Landscape being a new group (which means they'd probably have low sales anyway), Do As Infinity -- and all of their solo projects (Van's solo career, Missile Innovation and Amasia Landscape, respectively) -- each released a CD the same day this mini-album was released:

    1. TAO (Do As Infinity's last CD single, before their 2005 breakup)
    2. Missile Innovation (self-titled CD; mini-album)
    3. Goldenvine (Amasia Landscape mini-album)
    4. "Slow Dance" OST (features Van's solo song, "Hold me...". Also has a song by Akico, the lead vocalist for Amasia Landscape: "Don't You Wanna")
    The last 3 CDs didn't sell very well, probably because "TAO" overshadowed them.

    But anyway. (^^;) This album also has English songs, but (thankfully) there are only two: "Ark" and "Konjiki no Budou ~GOLDEN VINE~". These songs also feature Japanese "translations", which for some reason make more sense and have more depth than their English counterparts. >.>

    You can read the Japanese "translations" below (NOTE: if you open the original English lyrics, there's a link to the Japanese "translations" at the bottom).

  • Konjiki no Budou ~GOLDEN VINE~ (Japanese "Translation")
  • Ark (Japanese "Translation")

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