Commercialized Songs

Using music in popular media (TV shows, commercials, movies, video games, etc.) is a great way to promote a band. It "commercializes" them, letting mainstream audiences hear them and potentially buy their CDs. ^^

Below is a list of Amasia Landscape's commercially used songs. This list might get bigger in the future, so stay tuned!

(used in 7 ways)

~Live Action Series/Movies

~TV Shows


~Video Games

~Other (Special events, etc.)

Click on a song for more information:

(Commercial) - Volvic x MIVA Promotional Event
Volvic is a bottled water company. They once did a promotional event with MIVA toy company, where you could get one of 36 collectible animal keychains if you buy Volvic water. (You can see some of the keychains on this page.)

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Don't You Wanna
(Background Music [TV Drama]) - Slow Dance

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(Theme Song [Movie]) - Amemasu no Kawa

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Kataribe no Uta
(Commercial) - Hiroshima Institute of Technology

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Natsu no Shiori -epilogue-
(Ending Theme [Event]) - a-nation '04
NOTE: I'm not sure if they actually performed this song on stage, or if it was just featured as a bonus track on the "a-nation '04: BEST HIT SUMMER" CD. But I somehow think (or rather, I hope) they sang it live.

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Seiya no Tomoshibi
(Theme Song [Event]) - Hakodate Christmas Fantasy (2004)
Every year, the city of Hakodate holds a huge celebration from December 1-25. One of the major highlights is the lighting of a HUGE Christmas tree. More information in English (as well as some pictures!!) can be found on this site.

I'm not sure if they actually used this song in some sort of commercial, or if Akico performed this song live at the festival...or if they just played it on the radio all month long. But I somehow think it's the latter (that they played this song all throughout the town, straight from the CD).

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(Theme Song [Anime]) - Viewtiful Joe
Aired on TV Tokyo; ending song. The anime is based on the Capcom video game.
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