Downloads (WMAs)

Here's where you can download some Amasia Landscape (and Akico) songs!! (^^) If you like what you hear, please please PLEASE support them and buy a CD!! If you don't live in Japan, YesAsia is your best bet. The CDs are cheaper, and if you spend $39 or more, you'll get free shipping!! =)

How This Page Works
The songs are zipped, and in WMA format. You can unzip them with WinZip or WinRar (Mac users: use ZipIt or "MacRar").

You can use ImToo Audio Encoder (for Mac users, there's EasyWMA) to change them to MP3s. That said...
I want you to enjoy what you hear...but the songs are in mediocre quality. If you like what you hear and want higher quality, buy the CDs and support the artists! Be a TRUE fan!! (And before you ask, NO. I will NEVER post "brand new" songs!)

~Regular Songs~
Aoi Tori
Kataribe no Uta
Yuugure no Sakamichi
Flower Crown
Sougen no Ongaku
Be in love

~Collaborations & Special Songs~
Natsu no Shiori -epilogue-
Kono Hito -Akico's English Ver.- (NOTE: Karaoke also included in the file)
Don't You Wanna

None available at this time.

Lame Game You Played
(English remake of "Kouzou Kaikaku" by Do As Infinity)

(English remake of "Painful" by Do As Infinity)