Links (Lyrics & Donations)

This is where I thank all the people and websites that helped me with lyrics, and locating some hard-to-find files. (^^) I hope you visit all the links!

Official & Fan Sites - Site Construction/Help - Lyrics & Donations

Donations (Scans, CDs, MP3s, etc.)

jOhN.C o_0! : Aside from helping me with the discography, John also donated scans for "Flower Crown". ^^

Windragon (Aznmp3) : They're an administrator at the Aznmp3 forum (which, sadly, does not exist anymore), and they gave me scans for "Goldenvine". (^^) Their current site (which is a torrent tracker) is a great place to find scans, and download rare music. I'm eternally grateful to these guys for all their help!!!

Asian Pop (website) : Sadly, this site doesn't exist anymore. But it had a HUGE collection of music, and was run by one of the DAIForum members. (Yahiko, I think?) Anyway...I got lyric scans from "Flower Crown" here. =)

Kiwi Musume (and Amazon Japan) : Thanks to her (and Amazon Japan), I was able to get several "hard-to-find" songs/lyrics (specifically, "Natsu no Shiori -epilogue-" and "Kono Hito"). I'm extremely thankful to both of them, and I wish them both tons more success in the future!!!

Translations / Romaji

Xcomp : He's translated something for EVERY SITE HERE...although he used another alias at the time. See if you can guess what his old name was. ^___^

If I thanked him a million times, it wouldn't come close to how much I owe him. This site would be nothing without him, and I'm truly grateful and blessed that he's helped me so much. I really hope we'll team up again in the future!

Salinde : Not only did she translate all of "Goldenvine", but she also typed the kanji lyrics (and romaji) for it, too! (^^) I really owe you, Salinde! Thank you!!

quartet4 : He translated the last Amasia Landscape (or should I say "Eurasia 404") lyrics. And when he's not helping me out, he runs his own translation site. He's really really good at what he does. (^^) I'm extremely honored to have him be a part of my team.

Kanji/Other Lyrics : When I type kanji lyrics, I'll occasionally get stuck. So, I post for help in their forum. (^^) The people here are pretty friendly -- but please read the rules before you post anything. Their main site also has TONS of anime lyrics, so if you're looking for the lyrics to an anime song, be sure to make your first stop. ^^

...By the way, the site was called "", but they changed their URL to AnimeLyrics.TV -- please update all your bookmarks, and spread the word!!!

Megchan : The legendary Megchan was gracious enough to type the kanji "translations" (and the accompanying romaji) for "Ark" and "Konjiki no Budou ~GOLDEN VINE~". I greatly appreciate her kind efforts, and I hope I get skilled enough to return the favor someday.