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The following people wrote lyrics for Amasia Landscape:
  1. Mio Aoyama (青山  弥央) - she wrote nearly all of the lyrics for the group. (I also believe that she wrote, or at least co-wrote, the lyrics to "Eurasia404". However, the lyricist of that song was only credited as "Eurasia 404".)
  2. Eurasia 404 - see above.
  3. Saiko Kawamura (川村  サイコ) - this is a pen name/entity that Jun Harada (原田  淳) and Kayoko Shinchi (新地  カヨコ) share. They're best known for working with Do As Infinity. Sometimes Jun and Kayoko work together as "Saiko", and sometimes they work individually as "Saiko". Other songs that "Saiko" has written were used for the anime series Full Metal Alchemist, as well as by J-Pop artists Nami Tamaki and Yoko Ishida.
  4. ranka (or lanka) - they wrote nearly all of Amasia Landscape/Akico's English lyrics, which includes the "NEUTRAL-Type" album. The only English song lanka didn't write is "Kono Hito -Akico's English Version-".
  5. GICODE (SORASANZEN & SPHERE OF INFLUENCE) - they wrote their own raps in "Flyout" (which is the only Japanese song on the "NEUTRAL-Type" album). The rest of the song is a refrain of Tomiko Van's chorus in "Painful" (which Akico sings in this song). Ryo Owatari (大渡  亮) wrote the lyrics to "Painful".
  6. Sachiko Uchida (内田  佐知子) - she wrote the English "translation/remake" of "Kono Hito". The original Japanese lyrics were written by Yousuke Ito (伊藤  洋介).

Grand Totals
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# of Lyrics
10 (40.0%)
1 (4.00%)
3 (12.0%)
9 (36.0%)
1 (4.00%)
1 (4.00%)
Lyricist Name
25 (100%)

Credits (by Song)

Mio Aoyama --  10
»Aoi Tori
»Be in love
»Flower Crown
»Kataribe no Uta
»Natsu no Shiori -epilogue-
»Seiya no Tomoshibi
»Sougen no Ongaku
»Uchuu no Kaiga
»Yuugure no Sakamichi


Eurasia 404 --  1


Saiko Kawamura --  3
»Ark [Japanese "Translation"]
»Konjiki no Budou ~GOLDEN VINE~ [Japanese "Translation"]


ranka --  9
»Don't You Wanna
»Hands Up High
»Just a Word (to Let Me Know)
»Konjiki no Budou ~GOLDEN VINE~
»Lame Game You Played
»Play That Number
»Right Here
»Shattered Star


GICODE & Ryo Owatari --  1


Sachiko Uchida/Yousuke Ito --  1
»Kono Hito


Credits (by CD)
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01. NEUTRAL-Type
02. Goldenvine
03. Flower Crown
Other Songs (Collabs, excluded songs, etc.)

NOTE: Instrumentals are NOT listed (or counted) here...because they do NOT contain vocals.

(7 tracks)

GICODE & Ryo Owatari [1]
# and % of Songs
6 songs (85.7%)
1 song (14.3%)

[1] = In the song "Flyout", GICODE (i.e.: SORASANZEN and SPHERE OF INFLUENCE) wrote their own raps. The chorus of the song is taken from "Painful", a Do As Infinity song that was written by Ryo Owatari.

(6 tracks [8 lyrics]) [1]

Mio Aoyama
Saiko Kawamura
# and % of Songs
2 songs (25.0%)
3 songs (37.5%)
3 songs (37.5%)

[1] = There are 6 songs on this CD. However, 2 of the songs were written in an official Japanese "translation" was also released (so Japanese fans can understand what's being said). The "translated" lyrics (which were done by Saiko Kawamura) are included in this total.

(6 tracks)

Mio Aoyama
# and % of Songs
6 songs (100%)

(4 songs) [1]

Eurasia 404
Sachiko Uchida [2]
Mio Aoyama
# and % of Songs
1 song (25.0%)
1 song (25.0%)
1 song (25.0%)
1 song (25.0%)

[1] = The songs included in this section are:

  • Don't You Wanna
  • Eurasia404
  • Kono Hito -Akico's English Ver.-
  • Natsu no Shiori -epilogue-

  • [2] = This song was originally written in Japanese (by Yousuke Ito). Sachiko Uchida wrote the official English "translation" of the lyrics, which Akico sang. The Japanese version was sung by two separate artists: Kana Tachibana (solo artist), and Tokyo Purin (male duo).