"Kataribe no Uta" ("The Storyteller's Song") [!!]
Performed by: Amasia Landscape (Akico)
Lyrics: Mio Aoyama
Composition: Dai Nagao ("D.A.I")
Arrangement: Hiroki Mizukami

Song from:
[1 album] - Goldenvine

»Layout Designed by: Oasis Heart3 (WAFTF)
»Translation & Romaji by: Salinde (WAFTF & Anime-Kraze.org)

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Owarinaki kouya ni tsuzuku
Kotofue no kodou wa tooku
Song Crosses The Sky

Asamoya waki-tachi
Hitsuji no mure ou
Kuchibue hibiku

Akai mi kuwaeta
Tori no yukue oi
Tatsu toki shirazu kane no oto

Musubu nagaki
Michi wa hateshinaku [1]

Kouryou no oka o koe sakebu
Unishie no kodou ni dakare
Song Exceeds The Sky

Yuuyami ochiyuku
Sabaku ni uku tsuki
Oikakeru kage

Kako kara ima e to
Kataribe-tachi no uta
Tsugiyuku rekishi tsuzuku tabi

Tsumugu nagaki
Toki wa hateshinaku

Sora wataru sajin o miage
Kasumu yume chikai o mune ni
Just Goes Away Alone

Hanatsu atsuki
Koe wa dokomademo

Karehateta daichi o iyasu
Te ni shita hitotsubu no shizuku

Owarinaki kouya ni saita
Ichirin no neiro yo towa e
Song Crosses The Sky
(Song Crosses The Sky...)

The ancient path of harp-and flute song
That winds across the endless wasteland goes far...
The song crosses the sky.

The morning mist billows forth --
I follow the sheep flock...
Whistling fills the air.

Pursuing a bird
Carrying a red fruit in its beak,
I don't know what time I left...

The long path
Connecting bell sounds is endless... [1]

Cresting a desolate hill, I call out,
Embraced by the ancient heartbeat...
The song exceeds the sky.

Evening darkness falls --
The moon floats above the desert...
The shadow chases.

The storyteller's song
Passes history on,
From the past to the present.

The continuing journey
Spins out an endless length of time...

Looking up at the dust cloud traversing the sky,
My dream fades and I make a vow to my heart...
It just goes away alone.

Unleashed, my passionate
Voice continues forever...

The single drop in my hand
Soothes the ravaged land...

Let the single musical note
That bloomed in the endless wasteland last eternally...
The song crosses the sky.
(The song crosses the sky...)
Salinde's Notes:
[1] I think they're talking about the path going from town to town (with the towns' bell towers as "markers").

[!!] (from Oasis Heart3) Salinde & I wrote 詩 as "uta" ("song") instead of "shi" ("poem/prose") for several reasons:
  1. One classic/ancient form of storytelling involves the use of songs, which conveys some sort of event. (ex: court jesters in medival times often did this)

  2. "Kataribe no Uta" is actually a song. With music. (xD) Plus a lot of musical terms (and words that describe sound) are used (ex: references to notes, the wind, her voice, English phrases like "Song crosses the sky"...)