Akico, vocalist for Amasia Landscape
Akico, vocalist for Amasia Landscape

Profile (Amasia Landscape)

Amasia Landscape (formerly known as "Eurasia 404") is a musical group that was formed by Dai Nagao. They debuted in 2004, but were actually created in 2003 during Do As Infinity's long hiatus (during this time, Do As Infinity hadn't released an album or single in nearly a year, but they still did a few live concerts. Also during the hiatus, Ryo Owatari created his own band, Missile Innovation).

Dai Nagao, being the creative man he is, decided to use his new group in a unique way. Instead of using typical beats (and typical subject matters), this group was influenced by tranquil sounds (and tranquil/slice-of-life topics, such as unity, the beauty of nature, and a mother's love for her child). As such, Eurasia 404/Amasia Landscape represent one of the last "pure" forms of music around: music that doesn't revolve around gimmicks and "popular" images.

Both names for this group are also unique, and hold strong ties to nature and unity. "Eurasia" is the name for the combined "landscape" (i.e.: super-continent) of Europe and Asia. Likewise, "Amasia" is the name of another, much larger landscape: the combination of North America, South America, and Asia. (The origin of "404" is still unknown, but that number must have special meaning to Dai Nagao. He even named his official company [and website] "Area404".)

Like these super-continents, the group is a unique mixture of different people, different cultures, and different languages. Their lyrics deal with a diverse range of subjects. Their music has diverse themes and sounds (one song takes place in a meadow; another song takes place in the sea; one song has a Middle Eastern feel to it..). And of course, they also sing in different languages (Japanese and English).

As "Eurasia 404", they had a very slow start and only released two songs:

  • Natsu no Shiori -epilogue-"
  • "Eurasia404" -- notice that the song title has no spaces, but the group's name does have a space.

Unfortunately, no one knows the exact number of people in "Eurasia 404", but we do know these people were in the group:

  1. Akico (lead vocalist)
  2. Dai Nagao (composer, arranger and executive producer)
  3. Mio Aoyama (lyricist)
  4. CMJK (one-time arranger; he worked on "Natsu no Shiori -epilogue-")

Only CMJK left the group when they changed their name -- but truth be told, he might have only worked with them on behalf of avex, since "Natsu no Shiori" was the ending to a-nation '04. This is a HUGE, annual summer concert where lots of avex artists come together on stage. So, from the looks of things Akico, Dai, and Mio are the 3 "official" members of Eurasia 404/Amasia Landscape.

One year later in 2005, they changed their name to "Amasia Landscape". In honor of their new, "larger" name, they worked harder -- and eventually had greater success. But their new start did have its problems. Their first official CD was a tribute to Do As Infinity...and it was released a few months before the group broke up. To make matters worse, their "tribute" songs were English "remakes" of popular Do As Infinity songs. The lyrics actually weren't bad (they were written by a fourth member, ranka [sometimes spelled "lanka"]), but Akico couldn't sing in English well. Plus her vocals were a bit shaky; she had a lot to improve on.

Thankfully, Amasia Landscape soon returned to their roots and released a better CD, "Goldenvine". Akico's vocals seemed to be stronger...but this album still had a few flaws: Akico was still singing (occasionally) in English, and the CD was released the same day as Do As Infinity's last single, "TAO". But despite these potentially damaging mistakes, the group was determined to not give up. They learned from their mistakes, and worked even harder. As a result their next CD, "Flower Crown", was a true masterpiece. Akico's vocals were excellent (and she didn't sing in English this time), and the music (and lyrics) were just as memorable. But perhaps the biggest surprise of all is that "Flower Crown" was released just 5 months after "Goldenvine"!!

I was really impressed with the uniqueness and passion they put into their work, and hopefully you'll feel the same way. =)