Do As Infinity - Older Updates
I've added "Time Machine" to the Albums page, and made a MAJOR UPDATE to the "Nico Downloads" page. Please read the "News" section to learn more.

Another, VERY SPECIAL event will be on Nico Douga TODAY. Please read the "News" section ASAP!!!

Lots of new stuff has been (and will be) added to the site! Read the "News" section to learn more. ^^

New songs, new CD singles, new live performances, and new lyrics have been added to the website. Read the "News" section to learn more. :D

I've updated a LOT on the site. It'd probably be best if you just clicked all the menu links, and see what you can find. But feel free to read the News section, and get a HUGE surprise. :P

I've made one announcement in the News section. There's another (and possibly, final) Nico Douga event. Please read the News section to learn more.

"JIDAISHIN" has been translated. (^^) I also have news on 3 Nico Douga live events, which featured a concert, fan voting, and an album preview. That's right: a new album (called "Eight") will be released in January! (^^) The tracklist and MP3 samples have also been revealed!! Read the News section to learn more.

Their newest single, "JIDAISHIN", has been added to the site (along with its romanized lyrics). I've also added a special surprise! Read the "News" section to learn more, or click on Other -> 11th Anniversary.

I'll be updating the site this week, but until then please read the News section! I have MAJOR NEWS!!!

I've added their new single, "Infinity Ni", to the site. And it's been translated! (^O^) There are also a few news reports as well, so be sure to read the News section too.

I've added the album and DVD versions of their 10th anniversary concert to the site. There's also news on several upcoming releases, including a special charity project and a new CD single! Please read the News section for more information.

A new DVD will be released, a new "Do! Creative!!" concert has just ended, and Van will be modeling swimwear! Check the "News" section for more information.

I updated the lyrics to "Nighter", "Feelin' The Light", and "Eternal Flame"...and I added the Japanese "versions" of these songs as well. Check the News, Albums, and Lyrics Index pages for more info.

Their latest single (and lyrics) have been added to the site. And guess what: ALL of the tracks have translated lyrics!!!

Also, be sure to check the News section. I've added some exciting info about a new song AND (sorta) new lyrics!

Lastly, I fixed typos in 3 Do As Infinity songs (Buranko, Tooku Made, Feelin' The Light). The first two songs only had mistakes in the Song Notes area. Mistakes were also fixed in 2 Tomiko Van songs (go to her site for more info). Thanks to Bren S. for pointing this out!!

I added some info on the upcoming single, and I updated the "Latest Release" section. (^^) Once the rest of the CD covers are released, I'll update the section accordingly.

I added their new InuYasha song, "Kimi ga Inai Mirai", to the Commericialized Songs" page. I also fixed a few broken links, and added CD credits for most of their albums (check the "Music Staff" page).

In the "Do The Comments" section, there's short review (with pictures!) for their "Do The Musuem" book. The book also has a bonus song/CD, which you can get in the "Downloads" section! (^^) You can also sample the song -- and read the translated lyrics! -- in the "Tributes" section.

Also, avex wrote me, and confirmed that 焔 is read as "Honoo". Some of you were correct with your assumptions! (^^) I'm now writing them about the lyrics to "Eternal Flame" (and the "their vs. they're" issue); hopefully I'll hear from them soon.

Lastly, I recently learned there's an instrumental-only version of "Eternal Flame (the album)", which is only available on iTunes. This info has been added to the "Eternal Flame" album section.

Check the "News" section for some VERY important information. ^^

I updated their "Commercialized Songs" page with a new song! (See the "News" section for more information.)

I've put some VERY important announcements in the "News" section.

I've added the "Infinity Ichi" single to the site, including translations for ALL 4 tracks! ^o^

There's also a lot of news to discuss, so please be sure to read the News section!

There are four things I need to point out:

1. The translation to "Umareyuku Mono-tachi e" is just fine. ^^

2. I've updated the "News" section, and the Commercialized Songs" page, with a new song!

3. Do As Infinity has a new, OFFICIAL MySpace page. (^^) To learn more, please go to the Links section.

4. Just one week until "Infinity Ichi" comes out! =D

I've updated the News section, AND added the translated lyrics to "Umareyuku Mono-tachi e"! =D

I updated Albums (page 1) slightly (under "Deep Forest"), and added another kanji reading for the 妃 in "Koi Otome (恋妃)".

I just learned something about the "Live in Japan" album/DVD. So I've updated the Albums page accordingly.

I added a new official tribute to the site: it's a Korean version of "Hi no Ataru Sakamichi". As a result, I've also updated the Lyricist, Downloads, and Album vs. Singles pages.

May-3-2009 (UPDATE #2):
I added the lyrics/MP3 sample for "Highway Star", a tribute song they performed in concert.

Also, they're release a new single on June 17!

You can order it above, and read the news section for more information (and MP3 previews).

I also updated the Commercialized Songs, since one of the songs ("Timeless") was used on a TV show.

A new single will be released June 17!

You can order it below, and read the news section for more information (and MP3 previews).

CD-DVD: YesAsia - CDJapan
CD Only: YesAsia - CDJapan