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Please choose an album below. I've numbered all the official albums like this: (#1). The remaining albums are compilations/remixes of previously released songs. New albums are always displayed on the first page.

There are two ways you can sample the songs:

1) HTML: This is the original way I had it set up, where you'll have to manually download and listen to each file. Also, if you hover over the links, you'll see the kanji title of each song.

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Lastly, to make the pages load faster, the albums have been split into several pages (hence why I alternated/color-coded the links).

regular text (no link) = song not available yet

  1. (#1) Break of Dawn
  2. (#2) New World
  3. (#3) Deep Forest
  4. Do The Best
  5. (#4) True Song
  6. J-Pop Meets HARMONY: Do As Infinity MELODY
  7. avex Orgel Collection: Do As Infinity
  8. Do The Live
  9. (#5) Gates of Heaven
  11. Do The B-Side
  1. (#6) Need Your Love
  2. Do The A-Side
  3. Do The Best: "Great Supporters Selection"
  4. MINUS V
  5. Do As Infinity -Final-
  6. Do The Box
  7. (#7) Eternal Flame
  8. "ETERNAL FLAME"~10th Anniversary~in Nippon Budokan
  9. (#8) EIGHT
  10. (#9) TIME MACHINE
  11. (#10) Do As Infinity X ("EKKUSU")

True Song
(Official Album #4)

CD cover
+Produced by:   avex trax

+Catalogue #:
AVCD-17205, AVCD-17644 [Reprint],
AVCD-23741 [Reprint #2 (High Quality CD format - CD Only)]

+Release Date:
December 26, 2002 (February 16, 2005 [Reprint]),
November 10, 2008 [Reprint #2]

+More Info:
This is their fourth album, which continues their little game of Shiritori: ...DeepforesTruesong. Something really interesting about these two particular albums is that they each have a Japanese song named after them ("Fukai Mori", and "Shinjitsu no Uta", respectively). Oddly enough, both songs were ending themes on InuYasha, a popular manga/anime series.

I almost wonder if they intended to use these songs on InuYasha (and if they intended to link them together through Shiritori) on purpose? They're the only ones who know the truth. ^_~

This is also the first album that does NOT feature a remix. Instead, they included a special live version of "Tooku Made" (as well a few other special songs):

  • WADACHI: The official title is 轍-WADACHI-. The kanji 轍 is only read as "wadachi", but they probably added the romaji at the end because the word isn't very common (i.e.: they told people the "correct" way to pronounce it, so they would've have to use a dictionary).
  • Tooku Made [Live]: This was recorded from their 3rd Anniversary Live (held in 2002), and was performed in Shibuya Public Hall. The song fades into "Boukensha-tachi" and then cuts off. Do As Infinity must really like that segue, because the same thing happens in "Do The Live" (an album that was released nearly 3 months later). Oddly enough, I used to play these songs back to back myself, before I knew Do As Infinity did it. xD
  • sense of life: I thought I should tell you that this song is officially (mis)spelled as "sence of life". But "sence" isn't a word. (T__T) Unless they tried making some weird portmanteau of "sense" AND "since"...which, umm, doesn't make sense. xD
  • One or Eight: This one was explained by Maiku, a member of DAIForum: " 'One or Eight' comes from the Japanese saying ,'Ichi ka bachi ka', which means 'Sink or Swim'. 'Ichi' can also mean 'one' in Japanese, and 'hachi/bachi' can also mean 'eight'.

    This was a sports cover song, so you can see why it's named that. It's an expression similar to 'do or die'."

Lastly, in honor of Do As Infinity's reunion, avex re-released ALL of their official a new format called High Quality CD format. This is a brand-new format that seems to be exclusive to Japan (for now). I explained more about this new format on their "Break of Dawn" album.

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Harmony ~JPop Meets Classics~ (Do As Infinity HARMONY)
(Classical Music Album)

Boxset cover -- click to enlarge
CD cover (Type 1)   CD cover (Type 2)   CD cover (Type 3)
(click the first image for a larger view)

+Produced by:   avex infinity/avex-io

+Catalogue #:
HP-550 [entire boxset - 6 CDs],
AQCD-50002/-50007 [individual CDs. Do As Infinity's = AQCD-50004]

+Release Date: November 25, 2002

+More Info:
This is a series of CDs that turns famous pop songs into classical music pieces. As a result, ALL of the songs are instrumental and feature no singing, but I've included the lyrics anyway. (^^) All of the songs were performed by the Warsaw National Philharmonic Orchestra (Poland) and the Janacek Philharmonic Orchestra (Czech Republic).

There are three "Harmony" CDs (which I've listed below), but the above discography is only for the 6-CD boxset:

  1. Harmony ~JPop Meets Classics~ [6-CD boxset]: Each CD is dedicated to a different artist: Do As Infinity, hitomi, Ayumi Hamasaki, Every Little Thing and Hikaru Utada. The 6th and final disc is dedicated to two artists, globe & TRF (which are both produced by Tetsuya Komura).

    Each CD is called "[artist] MELODY", so Do As Infinity's CD is called "Do As Infinity MELODY". Each CD has its own individual catalogue number (Do As Infinity's is AQCD-50004), and I also believe the entire boxset has its own catalogue number (which I believe is HP-550).

    According to this site, every Do As Infinity track (except "Fukai Mori" and "Week!") was performed by the Janacek Philharmonic Orchestra. The rest of the tracks were done by the Warsaw National Philharmonic Orchestra.

    For pictures of the entire boxset, please visit this webpage (which is on a website dedicated to Ayumi Hamasaki. =)

  1. Harmony ~JPop Meets Classics~ [1 CD]

  2. CD cover
    (click image for a larger view)

    +Produced by: avex infinity/avex-io
    +Catalogue #: AQCD-50023
    +Release Date: June 4, 2003

    +More Info:
    This is a CD featuring some of the classical songs; it's a good deal if you can't afford the entire boxset (which costs about $150). The CD has 14 tracks, and includes 2 Do As Infinity songs: "Yesterday & Today", and "Fukai Mori".

  1. Harmony ~JPop Meets Classics~ for Slow Life [4-CD boxset]

  2. CD cover
    (click image for a larger view)

    +Produced by: avex infinity/avex-io
    +Catalogue #: HP-273
    +Release Date: November 29, 2004

    This is probably the rarest "Harmony" release, since there's hardly any information about it online. I'm not even sure if each CD has its own catalogue number; I assume HP-273 is the number for the ENTIRE boxset.

    I did, however, learn from this page that each CD is designed around a specific theme/time of day...

    • "Morning Call (CD 1): supposed to make you feel rejuvenated in the morning.
    • "Afternoon Tea" (CD 2): helps you relax (and it supposedly works best during holidays).
    • "Dinner Time" (CD 3): perfect for, well, dinnertime. So enjoy it with dinner and a glass of wine!
    • "Dream Sleep" (CD 4): this CD has the most soothing music, so it'll help you sleep better.

    Something worth noting is that the ENTIRE 3rd disc is dedicated to Hikaru Utada. So apparently, only HER music is best at dinner time. (T__T) To make things worse, only 5 Do As Infinity songs are in this boxset: Yesterday & Today, Week!, Fukai Mori, Oasis and...Shinjitsu no Uta, which was never released before!! *O*

    I assume these songs are the same "classical" songs used earlier, but now I'm not sure...because of "Shinjitsu no Uta" (which was never on ANY of the other CDs). And unfortunately since this boxset is rare, I might never know if these songs are done "classically", or in some other style. And I might never get "Shinjitsu no Uta". =\

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avex Orgel Collection: Do As Infinity
(Orgel Music Album)

CD cover
+Produced by: avex infinity/avex-io
+Catalogue #: IOCD-20023
+Release Date: January 29, 2003

+More Info:
This CD features several Do As Infinity songs, all of which have been turned into orgel (or "music box") arrangements. As a result, ALL of the songs are instrumental and feature no singing, but I've included the lyrics anyway. ^^

In case you're wondering what the heck an "orgel" is, I'll quote this Wikipedia article: "In Japan, the word 'orgel' (オルゴール, orugooru) is used for a musical box. 'Orgel' is adopted from the Dutch word originally meaning 'organ'."

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Do The Live
(Live Album #1)

CD cover
+Produced by: avex trax
+Catalogue #: AVCD-17275/-17276 (2 CDs)
+Release Date: March 12, 2003

+More Info:
This album was recorded live (at Zepp Tokyo) in 2002.

I usually don't post samples for "live" songs, but I did make a few exceptions this time:

  1. SUMMER DAYS: I think Van is getting better at singing this song. Her English is improving! ^_^
  2. Hi no Ataru Sakamichi: The pitch is a bit different, and Van doesn't hit as many runs as she did in the original. But somehow, this version is equally beautiful. =)
  3. Shinjitsu no Uta: The pitch is a bit different. And instead of using a Jinghu (which is the signature instrument in the song), there was some very unique guitar-playing.
  4. We are.: The melody is a bit different, although Van's singing could have been a bit better. But hey, her voice was probably getting tired. xD
  5. Tsurezure Naru Mama ni: This version is a bit slower, plus the music (and "singing". xD) sound different.

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