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Please choose an album below. I've numbered all the official albums like this: (#1). The remaining albums are compilations/remixes of previously released songs. New albums are always displayed on the first page.

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Lastly, to make the pages load faster, the albums have been split into several pages (hence why I alternated/color-coded the links).

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  1. (#1) Break of Dawn
  2. (#2) New World
  3. (#3) Deep Forest
  4. Do The Best
  5. (#4) True Song
  6. J-Pop Meets HARMONY: Do As Infinity MELODY
  7. avex Orgel Collection: Do As Infinity
  8. Do The Live
  9. (#5) Gates of Heaven
  11. Do The B-Side
  1. (#6) Need Your Love
  2. Do The A-Side
  3. Do The Best: "Great Supporters Selection"
  4. MINUS V
  5. Do As Infinity -Final-
  6. Do The Box
  7. (#7) Eternal Flame
  8. "ETERNAL FLAME"~10th Anniversary~in Nippon Budokan
  9. (#8) EIGHT
  10. (#9) TIME MACHINE
  11. (#10) Do As Infinity X ("EKKUSU")

Need Your Love
(Official Album #6)

CD+DVD [Limited Edition] CD Only [Regular Edition]
+Produced by:   avex trax

+Catalogue #:
AVCD-17618, AVCD-17619, AVCD-17620 [CD+DVD - Limited Editions (3 total)],
AVCD-17621 [CD Only - Regular Edition],
AVGD-17622 [Reprint (SACD Format - CD Only)],
AVAD-91258 [Reprint (DVD-Audio Format - DVD Only)],
AVCD-23743 [Reprint #2 (High Quality CD format - CD Only)]

+Release Date:
February 16, 2005 (March 2, 2005 [Reprint]),
November 10, 2008 [Reprint #2]

+More Info:
This is their 6th official album. It also has two CD covers: one for the CD+DVD Version, and one for the CD Only Version. (^^) The DVD has two PVs/music videos: "BE FREE" and "ROBOT". Another thing worth noting is that this is the last official album before they disbanded.

I guess as a way to "honor" this special occasion, they decided to release six versions of their 6th album in the same year (2005). That's the only logical reason I can come up with, becaues really, 6 versions of the same album is a bit too much. (>_<) And then when they re-banded in 2008, they re-released all of their albums -- again -- in a new format called "HQCD (High Quality CD)". So there are actually SEVEN versions of this album (so far. T_T)

I'm sure all of the release dates, catalogue numbers, and Editions of this album are confusing. So I'm going to explain everything as best as I can. I'd like to thank CDJapan and several members of DAIForum (especially Terrik & Keoki Zee) for the help!

Also...I want to mention that I don't know too much about the SACD and HQCD versions of this album. So if you own either of these versions, could you email me and tell me what you know? (^^) Did the CDs come with any bonus pictures or special notes? Does SACD/HQCD sound a LOT better than regular CD format? I'd really love to know.

In the meantime, here's an explanation of the albums I do know:

  • Version #1 (CD+DVD) [Ryo & Van are standing on the cover]

  • CD cover
    (click image for a larger view)

    1. Limited Edition #1 (AVCD-17618) : Has CD + "Hiiragi [Acoustic Version]", DVD, and a "Van Select T-shirt".
    2. Limited Edition #2 (AVCD-17619) : Has CD + "Hiiragi [Acoustic Version]", DVD, and a "Ryo Select T-shirt".
    3. Limited Edition #3 (AVCD-17620) : Has CD + "Hiiragi [Acoustic Version]", and DVD. Has NO T-shirt.

  • Version #2 (CD Only) [Van is sitting. Ryo's dog, Pudding, is also on the cover]

  • CD cover
    (click image for a larger view)

    1. Regular Edition #1 (AVCD-17621) : CD only. Does NOT have "Hiiragi [Acoustic Version]", DVD, or T-shirt.
    2. Regular Edition #2 [(Reprint) - SACD Format] (AVGD-17622) : This was released one month later. It's CD only, and in SACD [Super Audio CD] format.

           CDJapan describes SACD as "playable only on SACD players, and will not play on regular CD players. On the other hand, SACD Hybrid disc has a layer that is playable also on regular CD payers. Such titles are indicated [in our store] as 'Format: SACD-Hybrid' in item details page." Also does NOT have "Hiiragi [Acoustic Version]", DVD, or T-shirt.

    3. Regular Edition #3 [(Reprint) - DVD Audio Format] (AVAD-91258) : This was also released one month later. It's DVD only, and in DVD-Audio format (and for some really odd reason, the last five digits in its catalogue number are completely different from the other albums. o_o)

           Anyway...CDJapan describes DVD Audio as "playable only on DVD-Audio players and DVD players that are compatible with DVD-Audios (to find out for sure, consult the manual of your DVD player, or look for DVD-Audio logo). DVD-Audios are not playable on regular DVD players or CD players." Also does NOT have "Hiiragi [Acoustic Version]", DVD, or T-shirt.

    4. Regular Edition #4 [(Reprint #2) - HQCD Format] (AVCD-23743) : This release is CD only, and it also does NOT have "Hiiragi [Acoustic Version]", DVD, or T-shirt.

           In honor of Do As Infinity's reunion, avex re-released ALL of their a new format called High Quality CD format. This is a brand-new format that seems to be exclusive to Japan (for now). I explained more about this new format on their "Break of Dawn" album.

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Do The A-Side
(A-Side Collection Album)

+Produced by: avex trax
+Catalogue #: AVCD-17760/-17761 [2 CDs + DVD], AVCD-17762/-17763 [2 CDs Only]
+Release Date: September 28, 2005

+More Info:
This is a collection of their A-side tracks (i.e.: the title songs of their CD singles). The album is basically the "opposite" of "Do The B-Side". (^^) This album (unlike "Do The B-Side") does NOT have a Limited Edition, but it does have multiple CD covers: one for the CD+DVD Version, and one for the CD Only Version. And just like "Do The B-Side", this album is historic: it's the first time "under the moon" and "TAO" have EVER been on an album.

There are a few more things that make this album special:

  • The album has special commentary/liner notes for every track, which were written by Jun Harada! (^^) You can read the translated commentary in the "Do The Comments" section.
  • This album features the original, CD Single versions of "Tooku Made" and "Mahou no Kotoba ~Would you marry me?~".
  • If you only wanted these 21 songs (and nothing else), this album is the cheapest way to get them...instead of buying 7 albums, or 23 SINGLES. ^^;;
  • This album was released almost 6 years after their debut (which was September 29, 1999). And it was also released the same day they broke up. =(
There's one final thing I have to point out: since CDS #13 ("under the sun / under the moon") was a dual CD single -- and it had NO B-Side tracks -- they had to put BOTH tracks on "Do The A-Side". So that's why even though there are 20 singles, there are 21 tracks on this album. (^^) As a result, the DVD has the music videos/PVs for all 21 singles.

Other than that, the tracks are pretty much in chronological order: "Tangerine Dream" was their 1st single (so it's Track #1); "Heart" was their 2nd single (so it's Track #2); etc.

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Do The Best: "Great Supporters Selection"
("Best Of" Album #2)

CD cover
+Produced by: avex trax
+Catalogue #: AVCD-17940
+Release Date: March 15, 2006

+More Info:
This is the 3rd "Do The Best" album (after "Do The Best", and "Do The Best + DVD"). It contains 30 (out of all 86) Do As Infinity songs...and 10 of the songs were picked by fans. (^^) This is also the first Do As Infinity album that "I miss you?" has ever appeared on. The song was originally a tribute for the "NANA" manga, and was only available on that album.

Another cool thing about this CD is that fans were allowed to post comments for the album, and some international fans were included as well! One fan was even from the USA!! You can learn a little more about the album by visiting its Wikipedia page.

Something else worth noting is that five (5) Do As Infinity-related CDs were released on this date (March 15, 2006):

  1. Do The Best: "Great Supporters Selection"
  2. Do As Infinity -Final- (Their 2005 farewell performance. THREE versions were released!!)
  3. Do The Box (collection of all 6 official albums)
  4. "MINUS V" (karaoke/instrumental album)
  5. "Zoids Genesis" OST ("Yotaka no Yume" was an opening theme for the show)

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