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CD Single #1: "Tangerine Dream"
»Narrated by: Jun Harada
»Translated by: maiji (http://maijiz.blogspot.com)
»Revised by: Oasis Heart3 (http://www.globemoon.net/waftf)

(Oasis_heart3's note: I apologize for the bulleted format. The rest of the translations flow better than this. ><;;)

  • This is a very memorable debut product. March 25, 1999, I met with Dai Nagao. That same year (on May 18th), Van appeared like a comet...and the reunion with Ryo (who would be the guitarist) was on June 29...

  • This song was recorded at the same time as "Heart". It was mostly finished -- all that we needed was for Ryo to record the guitar part. The lyrics were done by the executive producer at the time (Naoto Suzuki [1]). And that's how Do As Infinity pretty much got its start.

  • "Tangerine Dream" is a very special name -- some people might know that it's the name of a very avant-garde band. For the next four singles, the game of "using band names as song names" continued.

  • It seemed like it took forever to record "Tangerine Dream"...and it was Mr. Jun Takase [2] who was playing the Fender Rhodes e-piano. The voice in the beginning of the song was similar to what Led Zeppelin would have done...and like Led Zeppelin, we wanted to have the acoustic guitar and e(lectric) guitar as central music.

  • I remember how we forced the YAIRI Guitar Company to make a double neck guitar (for Dai Nagao). Around that same time, we started recording as a group. But we only knew Van for 2 days, and that made us nervous!

  • In every important DAI show, "Tangerine Dream" is a must-play hit song. It kinda became a "mark" inside my heart. Every time I passed by the Hachiko statue in Shibuya station [3], I can't help but hum this song. Even now, I still think it was great to have this song as our debut.

    Song Notes
    [1] Dai Nagao & Naoto Suzuki used to work together a lot. They did a lot of Ayumi Hamasaki's songs, including "TO BE", "Fly high", and "End roll". You can learn more about their collaboration -- and all the other songs Dai Nagao composed/wrote on his site.

    [2] Jun Takase is a member of the GREAT TOUR BAND. (^^) You can learn more about the band -- and see their pictures!! -- at Kirin Rammer's "New World" site

    [3] The "statue of Hachiko" is world-famous. In short, there was a university professor who owned a dog, and they'd meet up everyday at Shibuya station. After the man died, his dog would still go to the station, and he did so for 11 years, until his death. A statue was built in honor of the dog, whose name was "Hachiko".

          It has inspired several books and TV shows, including Futurama (the episode with Fry's dog, called "Jurassic Bark"), and the manga series "Nana" (hence why Nana Komatsu is called "Hachiko"). You can read more about this fascinating story on its Wikipedia page, at Wikipedia.)

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