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CD Single #5: "rumble fish"
»Narrated by: Jun Harada
»Translated by: maiji (her site)
»Revised by: Oasis Heart3 (http://www.globemoon.net/waftf)

      The photo for the CD cover was shot in Taiwan. "rumble fish" was the first CD cover we shot in a foreign country. We'd heard that DAI is pretty famous in Taiwan, so we doubtfully went to have a look. But indeed, we were quite popular. At first, we only went to Taiwan as a vacation. It was a reward for us finishing the album (Break of Dawn)...but we didn't plan (or have time) to do a tour at all.

      When we arrived, there was a press conference with 300 people, and wherever we went, there were tons of people. At this time, DAI hadn't even gone on Japanese TV shows...yet we were able to go on Taiwanese TV shows, and even a few game shows (which were mostly "Question & Answer"-type shows). Even Dai, who was always shy in Japan, had totally changed at this time.

      The cover of "rumble fish" was at an abandoned site in Taiwan. The sunset there was great! Touched by the scenery, we decided to re-arrange M54 (which was on the demo tape).

      At first, "SUMMER DAYS" was going to be the promotion song, but it changed at the last minute. Dai could not accept this, and stood in the studio. He'd constantly argue, sometimes for 3 hours. I kept thinking to myself, "Why don't you sit down and just let it go?"

      That summer, the band went to different functions and we even had our first baseball stadium performance. We saw fireworks from the side of the stage -- but the thunderous noise was more scary than beautiful. And the music engineers were constantly trying to protect the equipment from the fireworks.

      The PV director was Mr. Ken Sueda, who later married Miwa Yoshida (the vocalist for "Dreams Come True")! This song became our prologue and started our school tour. Van wrote the lyrics.

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