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CD Single #8: "Tooku Made"
»Narrated by: Jun Harada
»Translated by: mroneder (http://www.deadjournal.com/users/mroneder)
»Revised by: Oasis Heart3 (http://www.globemoon.net/waftf)

      "Tooku Made" is the first of 3 consecutively released singles (that were released within a 3-month period). The lyrics (to "Tooku Made", not "Signal") were written by Ryo. In typical Ryo style, the lyrics give the feeling of "steel within tender silk".

      The original version of the song was poppier. However, the director of the movie [1] (of which "Tooku Made" was the theme song) kept bugging us with phone calls. We modified the song accordingly, and we had our doubts it would be a success. But the final result were so good, we couldn't believe it ourselves! The beginning of the song was changed to a guitar solo, and now "Tooku Made" has become 1 of 3 concert favorites. Without either of these songs, DAI lives would be incomplete. We were really thankful.

      However, the most controversial portion of the single has got to be the PV. We made it up our mind to shoot a PV that nobody could ever imitate.

      The production cost of shooting the PV was a record in the history of Do As Infinity...it cost 100,000 yen (about $10,000 US dollars). The street scene was shot at a US military base in Kanagawa...and it's usually very hard to get permission to film here. We were surprised at the number of Japanese households at the base. It was more than expected...

      The battle scene was filmed at a mountain in Gunma Prefecture, which was extremely code at the end of March. When we finished filming there, the props were left intact (the department in charge of props thought the place was deserted, anyway). [2]

      And so everyone left, very grateful that we didn't have to carry props. But little did we know that our props would soon re-appear on TV later, in a children's military program. Gunma Prefecture was no laughing matter, indeed.

      Soon afterwards, Van flew to Paris to do a commercial for a hair care product. The cover of DAI's first PV collection (the DVD called "9") was also shot in Taiwan. The picture has a general increase in quality, compared to our earlier works.

Song Notes
[1] The movie he's referring to is "Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust". It's an anime movie. You can read about the movie here, at Anime News Network.

[2] That's correct, they "littered". Or rather, they were guilty of "illegal dumping". T_T

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