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CD Single #9: "Week!"
»Narrated by: Jun Harada
»Translated by: mroneder (http://www.deadjournal.com/users/mroneder)
»Revised by: Oasis Heart3 (http://www.globemoon.net/waftf)

      This is another single that was written by Ryo (and this time, Ryo wrote ALL of the tracks). Saiko Kawamura contributed the basic theme of the lyrics, while Ryo did the rest. The B melody of the 2nd chorus is simply out of this world; one wonders if this is really written by our very own Ryo! This song later became a firm favorite among the ladies at the K-TV, its theme being completely different from that of "Tooku Made". The use of the lovely acoustic guitar gave it an assured place in DAI's unplugged performances.

      DAI's songs have never stuck to a particular musical genre: once any of us thinks of an idea (or wishes to make a suggestion), we'll attempt to transform the idea into reality. This is the way Do As Infinity goes about making our music. I believe there are people around who think this isn't the most efficient method, but I disagree. Sticking to one formula isn't a bad idea at all. As DAI accumulates experiences in life, their thoughts and feelings changes, too. Having viewed the world with the most unsophisticated of perspectives, it's more than sufficient to express this most unsophisticated feeling towards what we have seen through our music.

      "Week!" is the 2nd of the three consecutively released single. Because of the tight schedule of "production -> marketing -> concert", every one of us was exhausted during that period. "Week!" is also the theme song of a Japanese drama which tells the story of a girl who is running a eel-don shop. Although the lyrics of the song matched the theme of the drama by coincidence, I remember the producer of the drama had called me to thank us, saying, "Thank you so much for giving us a song that relates to the drama completely!"

      I can't help feeling we achieved all this by luck.

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