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CD Single #15: "Mahou no Kotoba -Would you marry me?-"
»Narrated by: Jun Harada
»Translated by: mroneder (http://www.deadjournal.com/users/mroneder)
»Revised by: Oasis Heart3 (http://www.globemoon.net/waftf)

      We had marked June for the release of a single. We are not sure why, but we just had to do it in June! But what should we do this time?

      Since we had originally decided that our next single should be lively and happy, and coincidentally it's June, we decided to let Van wear a wedding gown and become a bride! By this time, Do As Infinity was known by their own unique personality, so they were no longer constrained by image requirements.

      The dark, hard-rocking image of their earlier days is appealing, but the happy and lively image during "Mahou no Kotoba"'s release had attracted a lot of new fans, too. And Ryo's hilarious performance in the PV had also become a major talking point. In the PV, he had flipped his SG electric guitar over, and played it like an air guitar, which is so different from most bands. In PVs, guitarists usually have a slight frown, and they play their guitar seriously! Ryo's antics immediately became a hot topic for discussion everywhere.

      The lyrics were written by Ryo and Van together. The group of undergraduates who had played the brass in the PV also followed DAI in their performances on TV programs (such as "Music Station"). They were absolutely overjoyed and excited about this opportunity, because anything could happen.

      From spring to summer and even now, orders for the single have never ceased. Whenever there are reports of marriages and weddings on entertainment news, the beginning brass section of the song will be used. This song has become THE song for marriages and weddings, and the lyrics part that says "meeting those magical words"...it has become the advertising slogan for companies in the wedding venue business. We received tons of reports from DAI fans who had used this song at their wedding, which made us realize there are many people getting married in this world.

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