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CD Single #17: "Hiiragi"
»Narrated by: Jun Harada
»Translated by: mroneder (http://www.deadjournal.com/users/mroneder)
»Revised by: Oasis Heart3 (http://www.globemoon.net/waftf)

      Like "Hi no Ataru Sakamichi", which had to be released in Spring, "Hiiragi" was a single set for release in winter.

      The song was recorded between Deep Forest and True Song's release. I personally call this song "Winter's Calpis" [1]   ...it's like a snowman drinking hot Calpis. You'll realize what I mean if you sing this song at KTV.

      However, one will need a certain degree of singing technique in order to sing "Hiiragi", as there's no time to catch your breath throughout the song. If one does not catch her breath quickly, she'll not be able to catch up with the melody. Van's singing technique improves tremendously every year. Although she has personally went to New York for singing lessons, it's the live performances (averaging over 100 performances per year) that helped Van attain the level of vocal proficiency that she has today. Van is also an all-around athlete who loves to play basketball. In the same way [as her sports capabilities], she's also a top-notch vocalist with a God-given talent for singing. Inevitably though, since she's human, there are times when her vocals aren't in top form. But still, I believe her vocal skills are up to par with overseas singers.

      The lyrics to "Hiiragi" were written by Saiko Kawamura. The melancholic mood of the song is increased further by the acoustic guitar. "Gates of Heaven", which was named by Ryo, had 3 singles. The cover of the "Hiiragi" single (and the PV for "Hiiragi") were both shot in Hokkaido. The black and white sky on the cover was actually a shade of beautiful blue (the cover was black and white for artistic purposes). And for 3 days, we argued with the PV production unit over how the snow should fall in the PV. The cover of the "Gates of Heaven" album was taken in Oshima. It's been a while since we did so much traveling!

      "Hiiragi" is also the theme song for the Japanese drama series, "Koibumi".

Song Note
[1] Calpis is a yogurt-flavored soft drink that comes in both carbonated and non-carbonated forms.

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