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CD Single #20: "TAO" (and eternal thanks)
»Narrated by: Jun Harada
»Translated by: mroneder (http://www.deadjournal.com/users/mroneder)
»Revised by: Oasis Heart3 (http://www.globemoon.net/waftf)

      "TAO" was recorded quite a while ago. In fact, it was recorded about two years earlier. "If nothing else, this song can be considered a watershed" [1]. That thought flashed across my mind when we finished recording it...

      Nobody would have foreseen that Do As Infinity would be together for so long, when three strangers who had hardly known each other beforehand got together to form the band at the very beginning. In the midst of this fast-flowing stream called "Do As Infinity", it was Ryo and Van who had held the band together, bravely overcoming any challenges that had come their way. Thank you, Van and Ryo. And thank you, Dai, who wrote so many excellent songs for Do As Infinity. And I'd also like to thank Seiji Kameda, helping us produce over 90 songs, as well as our recording engineer, Ken Sueda. Thank you all so much!

      And to all the administrative staff at avex, the backstage crew at our Live Tours, marketing staffs, advertising staffs, the talented people at the 4th production unit, and most importantly, all the fans and supporters who are currently reading these comments, who had supported Do As Infinity at every stage of their career all these years...I really thank you very much!

      Nobody knows when and in what form will the new Do As Infinity will re-appear. Think about this, everyone: Do As Infinity has become what they are today because they kept their future goals in sight. "It's important to have no fears, to achieve our dreams". During these 6 precious years, this is the most important lesson we've learned from them. We will definitely reunite again in the future. "Worry not"...because we are the "Kuusou Ryodan"! (trans: "Fantasy Brigade")

Song Note
[1] "Watershed" has more than one meaning, and it does make sense here. According to Dictionary.com, a "watershed" is "a critical point that marks a division or a change of course; a turning point".

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