Bundled with the "Do The A-Side" CD (which is a collection of their first 20 singles) was a special booklet. It contained comments, written by Jun Harada, for each track and gives us a glimpse at the creative process behind each one.

Do The A-Side
(CDS = CD Single)

CDS 01: Tangerine Dream
CDS 02: Heart
CDS 03: Oasis
CDS 04: Yesterday & Today
CDS 05: rumble fish
CDS 06: We are.
CDS 07: Desire
CDS 08: Tooku Made
CDS 09: Week!
CDS 10: Fukai Mori
CDS 11: Boukensha-tachi
CDS 12: Hi no Ataru Sakamichi
CDS 13: under the sun / under the moon
CDS 14: Shinjitsu no Uta
CDS 15: Mahou no Kotoba...
CDS 16: Honjitsu wa Seiten Nari
CDS 17: Hiiragi
CDS 18: Rakuen
CDS 19: For the future
CDS 20: TAO (and eternal thanks)