This is a book that details the creative process (and origins) behind Do As Infinity's songs. In that regard it's very similar to "Do The A-Side", but it has several major differences: this time the commentary not only comes from Jun Harada, but Ryo, Van and other people as well; the comments have also been compiled into a full-sized book; and now, there are comments for ALL 86 of their "pre-2005 breakup" songs.

At the moment, none of the book's pages have been translated to English...but as soon as they are, I'll post them here for everyone to read. (^^) In the meantime, here's a short review!

"Do The Museum" -- a short review
The book was released on September 30, and it arrived at my house rather quickly (on October 6!). The book is paperback (and published by Kodansha!), and it has about 200 pages.

The first two pages are the Table of Contents, which details the following:

1) Two in-depth "personal history" articles, for Van and Ryo. Each article begins with a picture of Van (or Ryo), and both articles are a whooping 9 pages long!

2) There's a one page spread of all their album/single CD covers prior to the 2005 breakup. The next page is titled "86 Songs: Memorial Talk" and features a group shot of Van, Ryo and Jun Harada!!

3) The rest of the book talks about all 86 Do As Infinity songs (which were released prior to their breakup). Each song is given a two page discussion! The pages/songs are pretty much in chronological order, starting with "Tangerine Dream" and ending with "aurora".

3.5) Okay, technically I lied. The last song they discuss isn't "aurora", but "Boku-tachi no Anniversary". Since this song is exclusively released with the book, that's why it was also discussed. (It sucks that none of the new songs -- like "Nighter" -- were discussed, but maybe there will be a "Do The Museum 2" someday?)

4) Lastly, at the very end of the book are the lyrics to "Boku-tachi no 10th Anniversary". When translated, the song's title means "Our 10th Anniversary". (^^) Directly behind the lyrics, at the very end of the book (and just one page in front of the back cover), is the bonus CD for "Boku-tachi no Anniversary".

I managed to take pictures of most of the images in the book (excluding the collage of all their CD covers). Unfortunately, the picture quality isn't the greatest because I took them with a camcorder, but if you want to see the larger image just click on each thumbnail.

Enjoy! =D

(click each image for a larger picture)