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DoAs 11th Anniversary (Banner)

Do As Infinity's 11th anniversary was on September 29, 2010. (^^) In honor of the ocassion, they held an 11th anniversary concert at Shibuya AX on September 29, 2010, at 6:30pm. The concert was 100% FREE!!! And they wanted ALL of their fans to attend!

Now of course, Shibuya AX is too small to host 10,000+ people....so they decided to stream the concert online, too. (^_^) Anyone with a membership on Nico Nico Douga could also watch the concert, but you had to log on earlier (between 6:20pm-6:30pm). It was pretty successful; nearly 30,000 people attended (or watched) the concert!

I was one of those 30,000 people! And let me tell you, the concert was AWESOME. ^______^

This is one of their longest concerts ever. It was nearly 2 1/2 hours long. (*____*) It might have more songs (and MCs/dialogue) than their previous concerts, with the exception of the (Not-Really-)Final Live. There were a few more surprises in this concert than other concerts, too: they gave an encore of SIX songs. And of course, there's the surprise that Van is now a blonde...

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Core! Rare!

Someone on Nico Douga (in the comments section) jokingly called this concert, "Do The Live: B-Sides". And they were right. Many of these songs might have never (or rarely) been sung live before, such as "Simple Minds", "Faces", "Kokoro no Chizu", "Another", and "Kouzou Kaikaku" (which are also 5 of my favorite songs). Because they're "rare", only their core (or hardcore) fans would probably recognize most of them.

News about the concert was revealed back in June, but a lot of people sorta forgot about it. (xD) Even I didn't remember until a few days before the concert. People at DAIForum (mainly in this discussion thread) were wondering if they could watch it in time, or if someone would be kind enough to record it.

Well, good news: someone was kind enough to record the concert, and they created both video AND audio rips. (^_^) All of the links are here, on this site, which someone was kind enough to make. ^_^