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Here's where you can download some Do As Infinity songs!! (^^) If you like what you hear, please please PLEASE support them and buy a CD!! If you don't live in Japan, YesAsia is your best bet. The CDs are cheaper, and if you spend $39 or more, you'll get free shipping!! =)

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You can use ImToo Audio Encoder (for Mac users, there's EasyWMA) to change them to MP3s. That said...
I want you to enjoy what you hear...but the songs are in mediocre quality. If you like what you hear and want higher quality, buy the CDs and support the artists! Be a TRUE fan!! (And before you ask, NO. I will NEVER post "brand new" songs!)

~Regular Songs~
Their first single, "Tangerine Dream"

under the sun
Tooku Made
Honjitsu wa Seiten Nari
Kouzou Kaikaku
new world (Album Mix)
Kokoro no Chizu
We are.
For the future
Hi no Ataru Sakamichi
Mahou no Kotoba... [Album Version]

~Collaborations & Special Songs~
(bold = songs released after the 2005 breakup)

Drive me nuts (Original Version) - ZIP file also includes karaoke track!
Drive me nuts (Cyber TRANCE mix)
again (Original Version)
again (TATSUMAKI Remix)
Hold me... - Van's solo song, but she was still in the group

TAO [Original Version]
TAO -melfes version-  <-Instrumental
nice & easy
Shinjitsu no Uta [Mandarin Version]
Painful - sung by Ryo!
Tsurezure Naru Mama ni - sung by Ryo!
Tsurezure Naru Mama ni [Live] - also sung by Ryo!

(These songs share the same melody.)

Kuusou Ryodan
Field of dreams
(These songs tell the origins of Do As Infinity.)

Break of Dawn
(These songs have a LOT of similarities. Please go to "TAO"s CD Single section to learn more.)

MERAMERA (Live, "Demo" Version)
(This was sung live, before it was released on CD. It features slightly different lyrics. The password is jk)

~Tributes (by Do As Infinity)~
Susume Namake-mono (Special tribute/collaboration with the original artist, Kazuyoshi Saito)

Rock and Roll All Nite! (Sung by Ryo! Original song by KISS  <-ZIP file has 2 versions of the song)

I miss you? (Original song; done as members of "BLACK STONES", a band in the "NANA" manga)

Highway Star (Sung by Ryo! Original song by Deep Purple)

Boku-tachi no 10th Anniversary (Mirror/Alternate Link) - Tribute song to fans.

~Tributes (for Do As Infinity)~
Trust (Performed by I-lulu)

Oasis [English Version] (Performed by Jay Graydon)

Oasis (Performed by dream)

Flyout (Performed by Akico. English remake of "Painful")

Lame Game You Played (Performed by Akico. English remake of "Kouzou Kaikaku")

Women Doushi Sha Ya Tou (Performed by Mon Mon. Cantonese remake of "Mahou no Kotoba...")

Neoui Ggum (Performed by Maya. Korean remake of Hi no Ataru Sakamichi)

All The Things She Said under the moon (Mash-up; created by Masa)
(Original Songs: All The Things She Said / Ya Soshla S Uma [original version] + under the moon)