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This is a list of all official Do As Infinity DVDs, but I will also list other merchandise (T-shirts, calendars, etc).

To make the pages load faster, the DVDs/merchandise have been split into several pages (hence why I alternated/color-coded the links).

12 DVDs
regular text (no link) = DVD not available yet

  1. 9
  2. Live Tour 2001 ~DEEP FOREST~
  3. The Clip Selection
  4. 8
  5. Live Year 2004
  6. Live in Japan II
  7. Do As Infinity -Final-
  8. 3rd Anniversary Special Live
  9. Do As Infinity -Premier-
  10. Do The Clips
  11. FREE LIVE -Free Soul! Free Spirits!-
  12. "ETERNAL FLAME"~10th Anniversary~in Nippon Budokan

Live in Japan II
(DVD Release #6)

DVD cover
+Produced by: avex trax
+Catalogue #: AVBD-91339
+Release Date: September 28, 2005

  1. For the future
  2. Blue
  3. Tooku Made [Album Version]
  4. BE FREE
  5. ROBOT
  6. Hiiragi
  7. Rakuen
  8. Hi no Ataru Sakamichi
  9. Yesterday & Today
  10. Week! [Acoustic Version]
  11. Ever... [Acoustic Version]
  12. Yotaka no Yume
  13. Need Your Love
  14. Na no Hanabatake [Piano Version]
  15. Gates of Heaven
  16. Ultimate G.V
  17. Boukensha-tachi
  18. Glasses
  19. One or Eight
  20. Honjitsu wa Seiten Nari
  21. ~ENCORE~

  22. Highway Star
  23. nice & easy
  24. TAO
  26. ai no uta

This is their second "Live in Japan" release. (^^) The first one was an album that came out in 2004.

"Live in Japan II" is from Do As Infinity's "Live Tour 2005 ~NEED YOUR LOVE~" concert tour. This tour started March 12, 2005 (at Harmony Hall Zama) and ended May 31, 2005 (at the historic Budokan Hall). The tour's final performance is what's on this DVD. ^^

By the way, there are some major differences between the final tour performance at Budokan, and the earlier performances:

  • In the final performance, Missile Innovation (Ryo's second band) was the opening act. Unfortunately, this has been cut from the DVD.

  • The final performance added one new song, "Yesterday & Today". But it also removed THREE songs: "Oasis", "rumble fish", and "Mahou no Kotoba ~Would you marry me?~ [Acoustic Version]"

  • Each concert had a different encore! "TAO", and "Highway Star" (a song originally by Deep Purple, a British rock band) were ONLY performed at the final concert's encore.

  • The earlier concerts had exclusive "encore-only" tracks too: "Fukai Mori", "135", "under the sun", "Grateful Journey", and "one flesh".

  • "ai no uta" is yet another "encore-only" track, but it was done at TWO concerts (and yes, one of those concerts was the final concert).

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Do As Infinity -Final-
(DVD Release #7)

DVD cover
+Produced by: avex trax

+Catalogue #:
AVCD-17906 (CD only - 3 CDs),
AVBD-91396 [Limited Edition - DVD + T-shirt],
AVBD-91398 [Regular Edition - DVD only]
AVBD-91508 [Limited Reprint - DVD only]

+Release Date: March 15, 2006 (December 5, 2007 [Limited Reprint])



  1. new world
  2. Tooku Made
  3. Oasis
  4. nice & easy
  5. MC #1 (brief dialogue)
  6. Hi no Ataru Sakamichi
  7. Rakuen
  8. Hiiragi
  9. rumble fish
  10. MC #2
  11. Tsurezure Naru Mama ni
  12. Week!
  13. MC #3
  14. Desire
  15. Shinjitsu no Uta
  16. under the moon
  17. Mahou no Kotoba ~Would you marry me?~

  18. DISC TWO (+ Encore)

  19. Kuusou Ryodan
  20. Fukai Mori
  21. Kagaku no Yoru
  22. Yesterday & Today
  23. MC #4
  24. For the future
  25. under the sun
  26. Boukensha-tachi
  27. One or Eight
  28. Honjitsu wa Seiten Nari
  29. We are.
  30. MC #5
  31. Field of dreams
  32. TAO
  33. MC #6
  35. MC #7
  36. Wings
  37. MC #8
  38. Heart
  39. MC #9
  40. Tangerine Dream
  41. MC #10
  42. ai no uta

This was recorded at their 2005 farewell concert (on November 29), which was held at Budokan on. "Do As Infinity -Final-" is available in two formats: video only (DVD), and audio only (CD). Basically, the CD is more like an "audio rip of the DVD".

In 2007, the DVD was re-released in a limited, cheaper reprint. I'm not sure why the Limited Reprint is cheaper; my guess is that the video quality is lower, or they only reproduced a few DVDs.

Since the concert was reeaally long (and CDs hold less data than DVDs do), the CD version has 3 discs, whereas the DVD version has 2 discs. However, the CD version also has 11 bonus tracks! You can learn more about these songs by visiting the "Albums" page.

I'd also like to point out the following:

  1. The first track is "new world", which is sung only by Van. However, the intro/sound effects (SE) are used in "new world (Album Mix)"...and that song originally has Van AND Ryo singing. (FYI: On the "FINAL" live CD, for some reason they separeted the "SE" from the song, and made two tracks.)
Another thing worth noting is that five (5) Do As Infinity-related CDs were released on this date (March 15, 2006):
  1. Do The Best: "Great Supporters Selection"
  2. Do As Infinity -Final-
  3. Do The Box (collection of all 6 official albums)
  4. "MINUS V" (karaoke/instrumental album)
  5. "Zoids Genesis" OST ("Yotaka no Yume" was an opening theme for the show)

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3rd Anniversary Special Live
(DVD Release #8)

DVD cover
+Produced by: avex trax
+Catalogue #: AVBD-91429
+Release Date: September 20, 2006

  1. Interview #1
  2. under the sun
  3. nice & easy
  4. Hi no Ataru Sakamichi
  5. under the moon
  6. Oasis
  7. Interview #2
  8. Shinjitsu no Uta
  9. Heart
  10. Yesterday & Today
  11. Interview #3
  12. Tooku Made
  13. Boukensha-tachi
  14. One or Eight
  15. Interview #4

This is their 7th DVD. It was released the same day as their "Premier" DVD, and it was also released exactly one year after "Live in Japan II". (^_^) This DVD is also quite unique, because it has four interviews with the band!

The DVD also has concert footage. This time, it's from their 3rd anniversary concert (held at Shibuya Kokaido on September 27, 2002). At one point, the concert was even on TV (on WOWOW Network)! However, there is one major difference between this DVD and the original concert. This DVD does NOT have any of the encore performances, which were "Tangerine Dream", "Week!", and "SUMMER DAYS".

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Do As Infinity -Premier-
(DVD Release #9)

DVD cover
+Produced by: avex trax
+Catalogue #: AVBD-91430
+Release Date: September 20, 2006

  1. new world
  2. SHIGUNARU (Signal)
  3. Desire
  5. Eien
  6. Snail
  7. Heart
  8. Another
  9. Painful
  10. Deep Forest
  11. Tangerine Dream
  12. Yesterday & Today
  13. Tooku Made
  14. Oasis
  15. 135
  16. Wings510
  17. ~ENCORE~

  18. Tsurezure Naru Mama ni
  19. Week!
  20. Welcome!
  21. Holiday

This is their 8th DVD release. It was released the same day as their "3rd Anniversary Live" DVD, and exactly one year after "Live in Japan II". (^^) The "Premier" DVD has footage from their "Live Tour 2001" concert tour (at Shibuya AX on May 27, 2001).

Just like "3rd Anniversary Live", this DVD is quite...unique. Simply put, the name of this DVD is odd and misleading. "Premier" means "first"...but "Live Tour 2001" was NOT their first concert tour. They started doing tours in 1999, and their first big tour was in 2000.

"Live Tour 2001" was, however, their first tour in the year 2001 (and their first tour in "the new millenium"). They had a total of 4 tours that year: Live Tour 2001, Summer Event Live 2001, 2nd Anniversary Live, and Live Tour 2001 ~DEEP FOREST~ (which was placed on an earlier DVD).

So maybe the DVD is called "Premier" because it's their first tour in the new millenium? (^^;) That would actually make sense...if it weren't for one thing. The footage on the "Premier" DVD is from the LAST AND FINAL performance of this tour. (xD) "Live Tour 2001" started May 11, 2001 (at Club Quattro) and ended May 27, 2001 (at Shibuya AX). This DVD is from the Shibuya AX concert.

I suppose they used final performance because TWO bonus songs were performed, "Tsurezure Naru Mama ni" and "Holiday". But still..."Premier" is kind of an odd and misleading name. x__X

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Do The Clips
(DVD Release #10)

DVD cover
+Produced by: avex trax
+Catalogue #: AVBD-91586
+Release Date: February 18, 2009

  1. Tangerine Dream
  2. Heart
  3. Oasis
  4. Yesterday & Today
  5. Welcome!
  6. Raven
  7. rumble fish
  8. We are.
  9. Desire
  10. Tooku Made
  11. Week!
  12. Fukai Mori
  13. Boukensha-tachi
  14. Enrai
  15. Hi no Ataru Sakamichi
  16. under the sun
  17. under the moon
  18. Shinjitsu no Uta
  19. Mahou no Kotoba ~Would you marry me?~
  20. Honjitsu wa Seiten Nari
  21. Hiiragi
  22. Buranko
  23. Field of dreams
  24. Rakuen
  25. For the future
  26. TAO
  27. ROBOT
  28. BE FREE

This is their 9th DVD, and it's also unique. First of all, it came out the same day as another DVD: "FREE LIVE -Free Soul! Free Spirits!-". Second, you'll notice that this DVD doesn't have ANY paper; there's no cover art or anything. I guess avex is trying to be "green" and more environmentally-friendly. ^_^

The third and final reason why this DVD is unique...is because it was released after their 2008 reformation. ^____^

Sadly, this DVD doesn't feature any new songs or new concerts. However, it does feature ALL 28 of their official PVs. Previously, you had to buy several of their DVDs (and a few of their albums) in order to get every video. So this DVD can help you save money.

But if you already bought all those DVDs and albums, just so you can have the PVs...I'm sure you're really angry right now. (I'm sorry, on behalf of avex? ^^;)

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