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This is a list of all official Do As Infinity DVDs, but I will also list other merchandise (T-shirts, calendars, etc).

To make the pages load faster, the DVDs/merchandise have been split into several pages (hence why I alternated/color-coded the links).

12 DVDs
regular text (no link) = DVD not available yet

  1. 9
  2. Live Tour 2001 ~DEEP FOREST~
  3. The Clip Selection
  4. 8
  5. Live Year 2004
  6. Live in Japan II
  7. Do As Infinity -Final-
  8. 3rd Anniversary Special Live
  9. Do As Infinity -Premier-
  10. Do The Clips
  11. FREE LIVE -Free Soul! Free Spirits!-
  12. "ETERNAL FLAME"~10th Anniversary~in Nippon Budokan

FREE LIVE -Free Soul! Free Spirits!-
(DVD Release #11)

DVD cover
+Produced by: avex trax
+Catalogue #: AVBD-91587
+Release Date: February 18, 2009

  1. new world
  2. Tooku Made
  3. Hi no Ataru Sakamichi
  4. Fukai Mori
  5. Yesterday & Today
  6. Honjitsu wa Seiten Nari
  7. Boukensha-tachi
  8. ~ENCORE~

  10. Week!
  11. ai no uta

This is their 10th DVD, and it's also unique. First of all, it came out the same day as another DVD: "Do The Clips". Second, you'll notice that this DVD doesn't have ANY paper; there's no cover art or anything. I guess avex is trying to be "green" and more environmentally-friendly. ^_^

The third and final reason why this DVD is unique...is because it was released after their 2008 reformation. AND it features their new logo. ^____^

I'm sure you've noticed there are a lot of "FREE!"s in the title...which must mean the concert is FREE! to the audience! =D

...Sadly, it's NOT "FREE!" AT ALL. It cost $85 to attend the concert. T__T
(I'm kidding. [xD] But the tickets were hard to find, and I'm sure a lot of scalpers sold tickets at a HIGH price.)

In honor of their reformation, Do As Infinity held another, small, "Free Live" concert. (^_^) This concert was held at the Yoyogi Koen Open-air Stage. The date of the concert was September 29, 2008 -- which is (technically) Do As Infinity's 6th anniversary.

Unfortunately, there was a small rainstorm during the concert...but luckily, that didn't stop people from showing up. ^__^

Lastly, I thought I should mention that this is their second "FREE SOUL! FREE SPIRITS!" concert. Their first one was held in 2005 (and they performed 24 songs at that concert. Which isn't fair AT ALL. T____T)

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"ETERNAL FLAME"~10th Anniversary~in Nippon Budokan
(DVD Release #12)

DVD cover
+Produced by: avex trax

+Catalogue #:
AVBD-91758 (2-disc DVD)
Also on iTunes (as DVD or CD [MP3 audio rip] download)

+Release Date: May 5, 2010 (on iTunes: March 31, 2010)



  2. Saigo no GAME
  3. Perfect World
  4. Tooku Made
  5. Hi no Ataru Sakamichi
  6. Wings
  7. Desire
  8. 10W40
  9. sell...
  11. Honoo
  12. Namonaki Kakumei
  13. NAITAA (Nighter)
  14. Umareyuku Mono-tachi e
  15. 10th Anniversary Medley [1]
  16. Tsurezure Naru Mama ni
  17. under the sun
  18. Boukensha-tachi
  19. One or Eight
  20. Honjitsu wa Seiten Nari
  21. We are.
  22. Boku-tachi no 10th Anniversary
  23. Kimi ga Inai Mirai
  24. Piece Of Your Heart
  26. Tangerine Dream

  27. DISC TWO

  28. Bonus goodies (behind-the-scenes footage, etc.)

[1] The medley consists of these 11 songs:

  • Fukai Mori
  • Heart
  • Yesterday & Today
  • rumble fish
  • Oasis
  • Shinjitsu no Uta
  • Rakuen
  • Mahou no Kotoba ~Would you marry me?~
  • Hiiragi
  • Week!
  • For the future

This DVD has a weird name, doesn't it? (o_O) There's too much stuff, with the quotations and the entildes (~). Ugh. >_<;

Anyway, this is a 2-disc DVD. It features their 10th anniversary concert, which was held at Budokan on November 29, 2009. Their official anniversary is September 29; however their disbandment anniversary (i.e., when they split up) was November 25. So this concert was held almost exactly on the 5th anniversary of their disbandment.

This new concert was influenced heavily by their "Eternal Flame" album. The DVD cover (view a larger cover here!) even features an "eternal flame". This concert is also the first time that "Boku-tachi no 10th Anniversary" was performed live; this is a special song that's only available with the "Do The Musuem" book.

The second disc features a behind-the-scenes look at the concert, plus a few other bonus features. =)

There's also a CD album (or "audio rip") version of this concert, which was already released on March 31! It's an iTunes exclusive release (which you can buy in non-Japanese iTunes stores, too, like the USA store!). Unfortunately, the iTunes version has a completely different track order. And it's also MUCH shorter; HALF of the tracks are missing. But maybe they'll add the rest of the songs as soon as the DVD gets released?

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