Links (Site Construction/Help)

This is where I thank all the people and websites that helped me build Do As Infinity's site. (^^) I hope you visit them all!

Official & Fan Sites - Site Construction/Help - Lyrics & Donations

Photobucket : I had to thank them first because they REALLY helped with the "Links" page. All the images you see here (and on the "All Music Staff" page) are hosted on Photobucket. =D

Photobucket is an image hosting site, and it's the best one I've found. It's very user-friendly, easy to navigate, and their images load fast. Best of all, unlike some sites (ex: ImageShack), Photobucket lets you create folders and organize your images. Plus it'll automatically copy an image's URL to your clipboard (if you click in the "Direct Link" box, and have JavaScript enabled). I highly recommend Photobucket to everyone. ^^

Wikipedia : Thanks to this wonderful site, I was able to create a brief profile for Do As Infinity. (^^) Wikipedia is the largest online encyclopedia in the world, and you're bound to learn lots of information here. It really is an amazing site; I highly recommend it to everyone! =D

Google & Google Japan : I'm sure everyone's heard of Google, and you probably know how fantastic it is. (^^) Thanks to this search engine, I was able to find pictures, information, music, and a lot of websites. I can't begin to describe how much Google's helped me. In fact, I use Google almost every day for something, even if it's NOT related to this website.

If you've never tried Google, go there NOW! You won't be disappointed! =D

Map of The Heart : A massive Do As Infinity library that keeps track of their concert tours, solo projects, collaborations, and much MUCH more. It's a VERY helpful site, plus it's easy to navigate; you don't have to be fluent in Japanese to go here. =)

DAIForum (Do As Infinity Forum) : The #1 forum for Do As Infinity, and all related projects (Van's solo career, Amasia Landscape, Missile Innovation, etc). Full of information, and really nice people. Highly recommended.

Stovila : You're probably best known these days as the owner of DAIForum, but a lot of us remember your old website. (^^) I lucked up and found some of your old pages cached here on the Internet Archive, and I even "borrowed" some information from you. (^^) You were part of what inspired me to make this site, and you've helped me out more times than you know. You're a role model and a friend, and I'm grateful for everything you've given me.

allmusic : This has got to be the GREATEST music website in existence. They have music reviews, interviews, biographies, and complete discographies for practically EVERY musician. It doesn't matter where they come from, so yes: thereare Japanese artists on the site, as well as French, Italian, German, etc. And the artists all have varying degrees of fame: they have super famous artists (like Green Day and Lil' Wayne), as well as more underground artists (such as Maxeen and Afroman).

And when I say this site has a complete discography, I mean it's complete. Aside from track listings and MP3 samples, the site also lists the record label, release date, and catalogue number for each album/single! It's hard to find that information for a non-Asian CD!! (^^) I use this site everytime an artist does a cover/tribute song, and I'm sure I'll be using them again in the future. I highly recommend them to everyone.

choco*choco's Animated GIFs : This adorable site has a ton of animated GIFs that you can use for avatars, divider lines (in your webpages), announcements and more. Thanks to them, I got a really nice (and small!) blinker that says "new" -- so I'll sometimes use it when I post something new to the site. ^_^

If you like animated GIFs, I recommend you visit choco*choco's site. There's a lot of really creative stuff there, so you might find something you like.

Help with "12 Memories of Love" : This is a CD I put in the Tributes section. I did a LOT of research for this one album...

  • jwill & E-chan - jwill was the one who told me about "Neoui Ggum", the Korean version of "Hi no Ataru Sakamichi". And E-chan gave me the MP3 for the song. (^^) Thank you both for everything; I really owe you!! ^^
  • StarCrystal & Kiwi Musume - StarCrystal romanized ALL of the track titles for me. She also translated all of the track titles, except two. But thankfully, I found a Japanese translation of every track. So, I sent the two missing tracks (in Japanese) to Kiwi Musume, and she translated them for me. =)

  • StarCrystal & Kiwi Musume - StarCrystal romanized ALL of the tracks for me. She also translated all of them, with the exception of two tracks. But thankfully, I found a Japanese translation of every track. So I sent the two missing tracks (in Japanese) to Kiwi Musume, and she translated them for me. =)
  • CDJapan - they provided me with the catalogue number for the original, 2006 release.
  • asianbeat - this page listed all the tracks for the original, 2006 CD, and it gave me the second catalogue number (which is Korean).
  • IZM: Neo Music Community - this page listed the Korean lyricists and arrangers for every track of the original, 2006 CD.
  • netyhobby's Egloos page [Blog] - the owner of this blog (Netyhobby) was kind (and thorough) enough to list ALL of the original songs that were covered. (^^) Without them, I would have never been able to complete the discography.
  • YesAsia & bk1 [Online Store] - both of these sites listed the record company (and catalogue number!) for the 2009 re-release of this album. (^^) YesAsia's page also gave me a brief overview of the CD, which was REALLY helpful when I first stared doing my research.