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This is where I thank all the people and websites that helped me with lyrics, and finding some hard-to-find songs. (^^) I hope you visit all the links!

Official & Fan Sites - Site Construction/Help - Lyrics & Donations

Donations (Scans, CDs, MP3s, etc.)

Dawn : You've been a TREMENDOUS help. You were the main one who got me into Do As Infinity, and thanks to you, I nearly own all of their CDs. (^^) Thanks for getting me so many of their CDs, and for helping with the MP3 rips!! I learned a lot from you, and you've helped me with every site on here. Thanks again (love you!)

Tuan & DJ : Both of these guys gave me MP3 rips back in the early days of this site. (^^) If it weren't for them, this site would be really incomplete.

My Family at DAIForum (Do As Infinity Forum) : There were so many people who helped me out. Some people were already mentioned in other sections (such as Stovila, Pab and Kirin_Rammer). But there are more people to thank, including:

  • Ogawa - he provided me with a TON of rare information (in fact, sometimes I wondered if he was related to the band. >.>) His info and help was invaluable, and I'm forever grateful to him.
  • totosquirt : she gave me the karaoke for "Drive Me Nuts", as well as several Do As Infinity "album credits" scans. =D
  • Koko29 - he gave me a scan from "HARMONY: Do As Infinity Melody"
  • Kuponutz
  • Mara
  • Maiku
  • Queen Akasha
  • Arika - their website has music, lyrics, and Japanese lessons!
  • Kikiam
  • Medji
  • mochimuncher
  • Wish - romanized the lyrics to "Piledriver"
  • MimaKinomoto - she romanized the remaining lyrics on the "Infinity Ni" CDS.
  • Sorel - she donated the lyric scan (and credits page) for the "JIDAISHIN" CDS.
  • lanfix - for providing LOTS of help (URLs, images, info, etc).

...If I forgot anyone, I apologize!! >_<;

Translations / Romaji

KS : In my opinion, KS is the greatest translator EVER. Unfortunately, a lot of his translations weren't 100% perfect (they were still good, though)...but that's not what makes him great.

When I started this site, all I had were basic HTML skills and a crazy pipedream. I wanted ALL of Do As Infinity's lyrics to be translated, which was an ambitious dream. In fact, most translators I asked for help said "no"...but he didn't. In fact, he did over 70% of the lyrics here (prior to the 2005 breakup)...and at one point, he translated one lyric per day.

His kindness, speed, and love for translating really kept me going. And if it weren't for him, this site would be severely incomplete. Words will never express what he means to me, and I'll forever be grateful to him. ♡ ♡

Salinde : I was impressed with her translation of "Fukai Mori", and I really wanted her to translate more Do As Infinity songs. So I asked her...and to my surprise, she said yes. (^^) Salinde has been translating for the site ever since. These days, it's a bit hard trying to catch her...but I hope we can collaborate again someday. Thanks for everything, Salinde!

Momo : I've known Momo about as long as I've known KS, and she's also helped me out a great deal. (^^) Her translation skills are invaluable to me; I could always count on her whenever I desperately needed help. (^^) It's been a while since we last spoke, but I hope we'll have the chance to work together again someday!!

Shrike ( : Shrike is a very nice man who, despite being busy, managed to translate a few songs for me. His lyrics skills are quite impressive, and I truly miss having him as a translator. He has no "official" site, but he frequents the AnimeLyrics forums a lot, so he asked me to list them instead. (^^) Thanks again for everything, Shrike!! Be safe, and much love!!

Kashiko : I've known Kashiko a LONG time. I first met her waaaay back when she had a Digimon lyrics site, and we've been pretty close ever since. She even saved my life once. (^^) While we don't talk as much as we used to (with life being busy and all), she's always in my thoughts. Your lyrics are as valuable and priceless as you are. Thank you for being my friend. I'll love you always. ^_^

Megchan & Kiwi Musume : These two talented (and famous!) translators did a few translations (and romaji!) for me. They also revised several other lyrics on this site. (^^) So thanks to them, ALL the translations on this site are pretty accurate.

The Remaining Translators: This site has too many translators to count (but I did it anyway. ^^) All of these lyrics have since been revised (and a few have even been replaced), but I still want to thank everyone who helped me all those years ago:

  • Stranger
  • Brian Stewart & Takako Sakuma (Centigrade-J)
  • Amai (Moonless Triton)
  • Wataru
  • firewhispers
  • M-chan
  • Akiko
  • Tracy
  • Corichan - yes, sometimes she translates too!
  • Eien - they helped Corichan with a few translations.
  • Maiku, Ogawa, and fish - they also helped Corichan translate a few songs.
  • A few more people at DAIForum need to be thanked:
    1. Tito
    2. Polarsteam
    3. Y0v1n3
    4. Yahiko
  • Thanks to the following people at AnimeLyrics:
    1. Miyuki-chan
    2. Winampman
    3. Hikari-sama
    4. Barret
    5. BluePenguin
    6. Alaron
    7. p_mog

Corichan : Corichan (or "Cori" for short) is famous for romanizing Japanese lyrics. In fact, her site is the #1 place to go for romanizations. She's been a HUGE help to a lot of artists on this site, especially Do As Infinity. You can also request romaji lyrics from her!

Tai-kun & Aoi Housen : Both of these people romanized a few songs here. (^^) Thank you both for everything!! (Japanese -> Romaji Converter) : I usually romanize lyrics by myself, but sometimes I feel tired (or lazy). And that's when I go to (^^) This nifty little site converts Japanese kanji into romaji!

To use the site, first you choose how you want the kanji to be formatted (I use the "separate text blobs" option, so the paragraphs/stanzas won't get broken into separate lines.) Then after you hit the "Click To Set" button, just paste your kanji lyrics and hit the "Convert" button.

Unfortunately, the converter does have a few flaws: it sometimes romanizes words incorrectly (ex: 君 is converted as "kun" instead of "kimi"). And it usually won't separate participles (ni, ga, de...) from regular words, especially if the word is written in hiragana instead of kanji (ex: ひとつで becomes "hitotsude", but 一つで is read as "hitotsu de").

But hey, if you just want romaji to sing to, this site is perfect. And if you know some Japanese (and have the actual song/MP3), you can easily clean the lyrics up yourself. ^^

Kanji/Other Lyrics

Tenjiki Worlds : KS and I used this site a lot. (^^) It has a LOT of Do As Infinity's early lyrics. It's a wonderful collection of kanji lyrics, and I highly recommend it to everyone.

Goo Music (Do As Infinity's Lyric Page) : This is a really popular lyric database, and if offers a TON of lyrics. Best of all, the lyrics are typed (and not image scans, like Yahoo! Japan's music page), so you can copy/paste the lyrics as needed. The only downside: sometimes there are a few minor mistakes in the lyrics. But they're easily fixed if you listen to the actual song. ^^

They also have a few English lyrics (especially if a Japanese artist sang in English). So yes, you CAN find the lyrics to "Break of Dawn" and "SUMMER DAYS" here too. =D

LyricWiki : This is a HUGE site that's similar to Wikipedia, but it's used for lyrics. Most of the lyrics are for mainstream English-speaking artists, but it does have lyrics in other languages. Including a few Do As Infinity kanji lyrics. ^^

Thanks to this site, I got the lyrics for two songs that Do As Infinity (or more specifically, Ryo Owatari) covered: "Rock and Roll All Nite!", and "Highway Star".

asinfinity1105 & katsu_627 (Yahoo! Japan Answers), and Sorel (DAIForum) : I'd been searching FOREVER for the lyrics to "JIDAISHIN"...and thankfully, katsu_627 had the same problem. They asked for help on Y!J Answers, and asinfinity1105 posted the lyrics. (^_^) Without them, I'd have never romanized the song.

Later that same day, Sorel (a member at DAIForum) told me that his "JIDAISHIN" CD had arrived. He gave me lyric scans (as well as the CD credits page!), so I was able to proofread the lyrics and make corrections. (^__^) Without all three of these people, this website would be incomplete for YEARS. Thank you all so much!!! &'s "Do As Infinity" Lyrics : These Chinese websites might have the strangest names, but they have a TON of lyrics. I love them for having text-based lyrics that I can actually copy/paste. (Sadly, Goo Ongaku now uses image-based lyrics...) If you like the convenience of having text lyrics, I highly suggest using these sites. I know I'll be visiting them in the future. Lyrics : This site has been VERY helpful to me before (I've gotten a lot of other lyrics from here, especially in "D.A.I.'s Other Works" section), and they've helped me yet again. (^^) Thanks to this site, I was able to get lyrics for "Boku-tachi no Ketsudan". (Tip: as of October 2011, you might have to get lyrics from them "the advanced way": view the source code, copy the decimal code, and plug it into a Decimal-Hex-Unicode converter).

I'd also like to thank the following site for helping me:

  • Kasi-Time : This is a lyrics site ("kasi"/"kashi" means "lyric" in Japanese). It doesn't show lyrics in text format, BUT they DO list the song arranger's name [which, for some reason, is RARE on a lyrics site]! I LOVE that they do this...and I REALLY LOVE that they also have actual text lyrics you can copy/paste. I'll definitely be using this site a lot more often!

Yodobashi : This is another overseas store; they're similar to JBook: a lot of times, I can't find the name of certain lyricists/composers/arrangers, and this site lists everything I need to know. Yodobashi will be helping me a LOT, starting from Do As Infinity's "Tasogare" CD single. (^^) Just click on the icon, and you'll find information on the song's lyricists/composers/arrangers.

Oo (Little Oslo)'s "Do As Infinity" Lyrics : Lately, this site has been a HUGE help for getting kanji lyrics! I've been going here to get the newest, TYPED lyrics for Do As Infinity and moumoon. They're very quick about posting lyrics: as soon as they're posted on official sites (like UtaMap), Little Oslo will have them typed and posted within 1-2 days.

If you're looking for lyrics, I HIGHLY recommend them.