Performed by: Do As Infinity (Tomiko Van)
Lyrics: Tomiko Van
Composition: Dai Nagao ("D.A.I")

Arrangement: D.A.I (Original Version),
                       3SV (self-titled remix)

º Do As Infinity = Tomiko Van (vocals/lyrics), Ryo Owatari (guitar/vocals/lyrics), Dai Nagao (Composition & Arrangement)

Song from:
[2 CD singles] - Tangerine Dream, Desire

»Layout Designed by: Oasis Heart3 (WAFTF)

»Translation by: Salinde (WAFTF & Anime-Kraze.org)
»Romaji by: Cori (Corichan.com)

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Ieji isogu hito no mure hakidasu
Chikatetsu no HOOMU (Platform) wa [1]
Iki ga tsumarisou
Kyouki no yoru kurikaesu yo

UINDOU (Window) ni utsuru aoi SHEIPU (Shape)
Miwaketsukanai hodo
Minna muhyoujou
Tsuredashite yo koko kara sugu

Itsu muboubi ja dame datte
Oshierareta no

Genjitsu ni gensou ga yaburetara
Donna kao o suru no?
Kanashimi de shiawase ga kumottemo
Waratte irareru no?

DAIYAMONDO (Diamond) dake ja tarinai koto
Bokura kizuiteiru na noni mitoreteru
Shirisugita ne toki no naka de

Motto jouzu ni ikitemo
Kawaku bakari ne

Akogare ga shitsubou ni deau toki
Donna kao o suru no?
Isshun ga eien o toraetemo
Sameta mama de ireru?

Zutto utsumuita mama ja
Niji mo mienai

Kanashimi mo shiawase mo kono mune de
Tsukuridashiteku nara
Modokashisa hodokitai
Hokorashiku mukaiaitai kara

The subway platform expels crowds of people [1]
Hurrying to their homes --
I feel as though I'm suffocating...
Nights of delirium repeat.

The azure shapes are reflected in the window --
Everyone is so expressionless
That I can hardly tell anyone apart...
Take me out of here right now.

When were you taught
That you must not be vulnerable?...
When illusion is defeated by reality,
What expression would it bear?
Can you stay laughing,
Even if grief clouds your joy?

We've realized that diamonds won't be enough, right?
But we can still be mesmerized by them.
We've come to know too much over time.

Even if we live our lives better,
We just continue to thirst even more...

When hope meets despair,
What expression would it bear?
Even if a moment captures eternity,
Can you stay detached?

If you keep your head down,
You can't even see the rainbow...

If I am going to create both grief and joy
Within my own heart,
I want to release my frustrations...
Because I want to face them with pride.
Oasis Heart3's Notes:
[1] (added August 7, 2007): I recently learned that "HOOMU" does NOT mean "home", so I changed it to the correct definition: "platform". If you want to know why "HOOMU" means "platform" and not "home", then keep reading.

     When Salinde translated "Sono Mama de..." (which is one of SE7EN's songs), I noticed the whole "HOOMU = platform" thing, so I asked her about it. And she said, "It's similar to how we analyze words that have multiple definitions and pick which definition is being used for a particular context. The 'home' use of the word is basically only used in katakana phrases like 'my home' and 'at home' (as in 'comfortable, homey') and such.

     ...[In these lyrics,] it's taken from the '-form' in 'platform' Japanese syllabic representations are limited and often inconsistent, and they chose to use 'hoomu' instead of 'foomu' for it."

     What actually does mean "home" (or rather, it refers to going home) is the word "ieji" (家路).