Performed by: Do As Infinity (Tomiko Van)
Lyrics: Naoto Suzuki [1]
Composition: Dai Nagao ("D.A.I")

Arrangement: D.A.I (Original Version),
                       Keith Litman (self-titled remix),
                       3SV (self-titled remix),
                       Akira Inoue (Chromatic Mix)

º Do As Infinity = Tomiko Van (vocals/lyrics), Ryo Owatari (guitar/vocals/lyrics), Dai Nagao (Composition & Arrangement)

Song from:
[4 albums] - Break of Dawn, Do The Best, Do The A-Side, Do The Box
[2 CD singles] - Heart, Oasis

»Layout Designed by: Oasis Heart3 (WAFTF)

»Translation by: Salinde (WAFTF & Anime-Kraze.org)
»Romaji by: Cori (Corichan.com)

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BURAINDO (Blind) akete miageta tooi sora
Nakeru hodo aoi
Mishiranu machi e to tabidatta bokura
Yume o oikakete

Hito wa itsumo kodoku kakae
Aruite yuku sore demo

Ichiban taisetsu na mono ga nanika
Wakaru ki ga suru ima nara
Kono mune ni kimi ga iru tada sore dake
Yasashiku nareru subete ni

Hitori de iru yoru jikan dake hayaku
Sugireba ii no ni
Futari ga issho no jikan wa yukkuri
Sugireba ii no ni

Tsuyogatteiru furi o shitemo
Dakiaitai hontou wa

Itsumademo yorisoeru
Hi ga kuru made
Kokoro ni hana o sakasou
Shinjiai yurushiau sono hikari o
Kesanai youni namida de [2]

Tatoe tooku hanaretetemo
Kokoro wa sugu chikaku ni

Dokomademo tsuzuiteiru sora no youni
Aishiteitai ashita mo
Hayaridasu kono kimochi uta ni nosete
Todoketai kara imasugu

La la la la...

The faraway sky I gazed at after opening the blinds
Is so blue that I could cry.
We embark on a journey to an unfamiliar city
In pursuit of a dream.

Everyone always carries their solitude
And walks on; even so...

I think I can now understand
What the most important thing is.
You're here in my heart -- that's all it is.
I can be kind to everything.

If only time would go by rapidly
During nights when I'm alone...
If only time would go by slowly
When we're together...

Even though I pretend to be tough,
I actually want to embrace you.

Until a day comes
When we can stay close together forever,
Let us have flowers bloom in our hearts.
Let us believe and forgive each other,
So that their light will not be extinguished by tears. [2]

Even if we're far apart,
We are right next to each other in spirit.

Like the sky that continues forever,
I want to continue loving you in the future.
I want to send these feverish feelings to you 
Right now with a song.

La la la la...
Oasis Heart3's Notes:
[1] **edited 2/2/2007** Tomiko Van did NOT write this song! Naoto Suzuki did!! (Mr. Suzuki was the executive producer at that time. I've know this for a few months, but forgot to update the lyrics. Sorry!)

     ...You can learn more in "Do The Comments" (which is part of the "Interesting Info: Songs" section).

[2] You might be wondering what "their" is referring to. I know I was (XD), so I asked Salinde. She told me this:

     " 'They' would refer to those weird flowers in their hearts thing... at least, the 'sono' seems to indicate that, despite the fact that you can't really say flowers have light."