"NAITAA" ("Nighter") [1]
Performed by: Do As Infinity (Tomiko Van)
Lyrics: Kano Inoue
Composition: Yu [2]
Arrangement: Seiji Kameda

º Do As Infinity (2009 reformation) = Tomiko Van (vocals/lyrics), Ryo Owatari (guitar/vocals/lyrics)

Song from:
[1 album] - Eternal Flame

»Romaji, and Layout Designed by: Oasis Heart3 (WAFTF)
»Translation by: Kiwi Musume (WAFTF & Kiwi Musume's Lyrics Site)

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Arekara ichi-nen ga sugite [3]
Kon'ya wa hitori
NAITAA (Nighter) ni kite imasu [1]
Nagaku wa nai to tsugerarete
Soredemo futari
Nando ka korareta ne
Mukashi mitai

Oogoe de MEGAHON (Megaphone) tatai te [4]
Jiman ge ni unchiku kurikaeshi
Kyou dake to BIIRU (Beer) o hanbun dake

Natsu no yokaze wa daiji na hito o
Tooku hakon de yukimasu
Yoeba itsumono yakyuu no wadai
Mottomotto hanashi takatta
Dou desu ka kono watashi
Ii musume deshita ka?

Itsushika tsugi no CHIKETTO (Ticket) ga
Watashi to chichi no
Kokoro o sasaeteta
Keitai FORUDAA (Folder) no naka ni
Imademo nokoru
BEDDO (Bed) no SANTA KUROOSU (Santa Claus)
Kakugo no PIISU (Peace)

Donna ni isogedo dame deshita
Nikai me no denwa wa gozen go-ji
Todabashi no rokata ni HAZARADO (Hazard) tsuke [5]

Majime dake ga torie deshita ne
Minna anata ga suki desu
Tsutome agetara owarida nante
Mottomotto warai takatta
Sora no ue BIIRU (Beer) o te ni
Moriagatte imasu ka

Shibaraku wa migidonari
Kuuseki ni shitemasu

It's been a year since then; [3]
Tonight I'm coming
To a night game alone. [1]
They said you wouldn't have long,
But we came here together several times,
Didn't we?
Like before.

You hammered on the megaphone in a big voice, [4]
Proudly showing off your vast knowledge again and again,
And drank
Just half a can of beer, just for today.

The summer night wind
Carries someone special far away...
When you got drunk you always talked about baseball;
I wanted to talk more about it.
How was I?
Was I a good daughter?

At some point, the next ticket
Came to be what kept
Dad and I going...
In the folder on my cellphone,
There's still a picture
Of Santa Claus in bed,
Posing with a peace sign.

We went as fast as we could but we didn't make it...
The second call came at 5am.
I pulled over on the Toda Bridge, turned on my hazard lights [5]
And screamed...

Your seriousness was your one asset;
Everybody loves you...
I wanted to keep laughing with you
About how once you retire that's the end.
Are you having fun up above the sky
With a beer in your hand?

I'm keeping the seat to my right
Empty for a while.
Oasis Heart3's Notes:
[!!] As of December 2009, this song has an "official" English translation! You can read it on this page of avex/Do As Infinity's site!

[1] A "nighter" (also known as a "night game") is a sporting event that takes place, completely or partially, after the local sunset. You can learn more about it on its Wikipedia page.

[2] Yu is one of the 2009 "Do! Creative!!" winners. (^^) "Do! Creative" is a contest where fans from all over the world can create music for Do As Infinity.

[3] It sounds like she's saying "amekara", but it's actually "arekara". I'm pretty sure "amekara" doesn't make sense.

[4] You might be wondering why the Japanese word for Megaphone is "MEGAHON" instead of "MEGAFON". A few years ago, another translator (Salinde) explained why, in a similar situation (ie: why "[plat]form" is written as "HOOMU" instead of "FOOMU"):

     "It's similar to how we analyze words that have multiple definitions and pick which definition is being used for a particular context. The 'home' use of the word is basically only used in katakana phrases like 'my home' and 'at home' (as in 'comfortable, homey') and such.

     ...[In these lyrics,] it's taken from the '-form' in 'platform' Japanese syllabic representations are limited and often inconsistent, and they chose to use 'hoomu' instead of 'foomu' for it."

[5] Van sings a mixture of English and katakana here. The English word "hazard" is usually written in katakana as ハザード ("hazaado"). But Van sings it as "hazarado".