"Perfect World"
Performed by: Do As Infinity (Tomiko Van)
Lyrics: Kano Inoue
Composition: Masato Kitano [1]
Arrangement: Seiji Kameda

º Do As Infinity (2009 reformation) = Tomiko Van (vocals/lyrics), Ryo Owatari (guitar/vocals/lyrics)

Song from:
[1 album] - Eternal Flame

»Romaji, and Layout Designed by: Oasis Heart3 (WAFTF)
»Translation by: Kiwi Musume (WAFTF & Kiwi Musume's Lyrics Site)

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Tadori tsuita eichi no
Hate no sekai [1]
Zenseki eiga to yume no naka
Datta genjitsu

TAKUSHII (Taxi) wa sora o
Meguru kousoku no ue
Hodou ni wa SEGUUEI (Segway) [2]
Umi no mukou e tegaru ni NABIGEESHON (Navigation)
Yubi 1(hito)tsu de

Koutoumukei to iikitta RIARISUTO (Realist)
Ima de wa kaikoshugisha no katagaki da

Kanzen BARANSU (Balance) no
RANCHI (Lunch) wa CHUUBU (Tube) de hokyuu
Nou no DEETA (Data) sae
SUTOKKU (Stock) shita PC [3]
Sono ki ni nareba KUROON (Clone) sae mo
Towa no inochi

PUROGURAMU (Program) ga shihai shita jinsei
Kanri suru no wa kagaku ga umidashita
REBOOT suru koto nai [3]
A.I. SUTAA (Star) [2]

We have made and lived for perfect world
Nante kirei na yoake
Itsudatte kibou ni michita Days
Tsugi wa doko o mezasou ka
Bokura no risou wa
Owaranai Dream

Hito wa shinka tsudzuketeku owarinaku
Yagate shizen to no hizumi ga umidashita
PANDEMIKKU (Pandemic) ga
Semaru toki

We have made and lived for perfect world
Hoshi ga ZERO ni modo shita
Itsudatte kibou ni michita Days
Hatenaki sora aoi demo
Seijaku hirogaru Perfect World
Musuu no CORPSE aite ni [3]
Mada tomaranai A.I. SUTAA (Star) [2]
Kawaranu ai sosogu no?

Yoake terasu no wa
Yume no ato de
Saigo made mita
Ikisugita Dream

We have made and lived for perfect world...
We have made and lived for perfect world...

We've reached the world
At the very limits of wisdom; [1]
What could only be seen in films and dreams last century
Is now a reality.

On the highway
Where taxis drive through the air,
People zip around the footpaths
On Segways... [2]
We can navigate to the other side of the sea
With the touch of a finger.

The realists who declared the notion utterly absurd,
Are now labelled old-timers.

Perfectly balanced
Lunches delivered through a tube...
PCs storing [3]
Even the data of the human brain...
If we want, we can even clone ourselves
And live forever.

Programs run our lives,
Managed by A.I. stars [2]
Produced by science
That can never be rebooted. [3]

We have made and lived for perfect world --
What a beautiful dawn;
Our days are always full of hope.
What should we set our sights on next?
Our ideals are
An endless dream.

Mankind has kept on progressing endlessly,
And eventually a strain has appeared
Between mankind and nature,
When a pandemic looms.

We have made and lived for perfect world --
The earth went back to square one;
Our days are always full of hope.
I look up at the endless sky,
But still silence spreads over our perfect world.
The A.I. stars still haven't stopped: [2]
Will they give an unchanging love
To the countless corpses? [3]

The morning sun shines
On the dream we saw through
To the very end after the dream,
A dream that went too far...

We have made and lived for perfect world...
We have made and lived for perfect world...
Oasis Heart3's Notes:
[!!] As of December 2009, this song has an "official" English translation! You can read it on this page of avex/Do As Infinity's site!

[1] "Hate" isn't an English word. It's Japanese, and pronounced "hah-tey".

[2] For those who don't know, "A.I." stands for "Artificial Intelligence" (which is basically a computer's "brain"). And a segway is a two-wheeled scooter (which reminds me of an old-fashioned, manual lawnmower. xD)

[2] Even though these words are written in English, Van sings them as katakana words ("piishii" ["PC"], "ribuuto" ["Reboot"] and "koopusu" ["corpse"]).