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A New Single! + A Recap of their Reunion
(posted on May 3, 2009)

Do As Infinity will be releasing a new single!  Its expected release date is June 17, 2009! (^^)  The single is called 『∞1』 ("Infinity Ichi"), which means "Infinity One". It's expected to have 4 tracks: "MERAMERA", "Timeless, "Umareyuku Mono-tachi e", and an unnamed song.

Three of the tracks were announced months ago; "MERAMERA" and "Umareyuku Mono-tachi e" were both performed in new concerts. And "Timeless" is being used as the theme to a racing show. (^^)  You can learn more (and sample all three songs!) on this section of the page.

If possible, I'd like for you to order this single from CDJapan. (^^) Yes, their shipping is a little higher than YesAsia's (usually about $1 to $5 more), but CDJapan's sales are counted on the Oricon Charts. That's the Japanese equivalent of the Billboard Charts.  I'd love for Do As Infinity to be #1 again, which is why I ordered this single from CDJapan. And I hope you'll order it, too. ^__^

For those who didn't know about Do As Infinity's reunion, keep reading for a summary of what happened. (:

Do As Infinity, Reunited
In late August, there were rumors circulating that Do As Infinity might be reuniting. A mysterious concert rehearsal clip, which was found on YouTube, seemed to confirm this. The video was undated, so there was no way to tell if it was recent or a few years old...but then someone noticed an iPhone in the video:

(image courtesy of jan_koller @ DAIForum)

But before anyone could get SUPER excited, another rumor started circulating. This rumor said that Do As Infinity might temporarily reunite -- as a surprise guest for a-nation '08, a summer concert series held by avex. This rumor turned out to be true. They did reunite for the concert, and they sang a few songs (including "Honjitsu wa Seiten Nari", which originally debuted at a-nation '05).

And then on August 28, 2008, rumors of a real reunion started up again.

Jun Harada (Do As Infinity's A&R Manager, and one of their lyricists) had posted this message on Do As Infinity's official BBS: お 待たせ。 This is an abbreviation of the phrase お待たせしました, which means "Sorry to keep you waiting". Several years earlier, he wrote a special comment in "Do The A-Side" which said: "We will definitely reunite again in the future. 'Worry not'...because we are the 'Kuusou Ryodan'! (trans: 'Fantasy Brigade')". So maybe he was telling the truth all those years ago? Maybe they were reuniting NOW!

A few days later, Ryo left a mysterious message in his Missile Innovation blog (this of course caused more excitement). Soon afterwards, Jun Takase and Michitaro (both are members of the old "GREAT TOUR BAND") also hinted at a reunion, with a blog posting -- and a "sly smile" -- respectively.

Rumors of a reunion were now running wild...and the truth was finally revealed two days later on August 30, 2009. Do As Infinity's official site had been updated, and it had the following message: September 29, 2008 is assumed to be a day of the re-formation, and it starts again.

The site also announced a free, live concert that would be held on September 30, 2008 in Yoyogi Park. This concert would later be chronicled in a special, three-part TV documentary (which was also posted on their official site). A few months later, the actual concert would be released on DVD.

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