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New Song + Anime Tie-In!
(posted on June 10, 2009)

A new Do As Infinity song, "Saigo no GAME" (最後のGAME - "Last Game") will be used as the opening theme to "Hikaru no Go: Selection". The anime series will make its official debut on TV Tokyo, on June 15.

"Hikaru no Go" is a popular manga/anime that first started in 1998 (the anime first came out in 2001). The series was so popular that it even made Go (a board game similar to Chess) see a new resurgence in popularity.

At the moment, it is unknown whether the new series will continue where the first series left off, or if it is a "redux" (or "do-over", which will probably be more faithful to the manga's storyline).

I somehow think it might be the latter, since reduxes are getting popular in Japan: this has already happened to Full Metal Alchemist, Dragon Ball Z, The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, and several other well-known shows.

(Hopefully, Sailormoon will get a redux, too. *crosses fingers*)

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