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Lots of News
(posted on June 20, 2009)

Quite a lot has happened since the last update:

As you know, Do As Infinity's single is out. (^^) "Infinity Ichi" debuted at #7 on the Oricon charts!!

On Do As Infinity's official site, they posted these scoresheets for all 4 tracks on "Infinity Ichi"!

weick, another member of DAIForum, made this post at the forum, which has pictures of the band's promotional activities for "Infinity Ichi". Apparently, they gave several in-store concerts!

...He also posted this video highlighting their career. =)

jan_koller (a member of DAIForum) posted several new, interesting songs:

    [note: jk is the password for both files.]
MERAMERA (full, live version) - this version (recorded February 19, 2009) sounds a bit different from the final, studio version. It even has slightly different lyrics!

Saigo no GAME - this was ripped directly from "Hikaru no Go", so it's a short, "TV size" version of the song. ^^

This is actually Dai Nagao-related, but...jdsl88 (another member of DAIForum) had some interesting news about Ayumi Hamasaki:

"In the recent Team-ayu message, ayu said that she's done with this song that was composed by DAI.

she talked about stuff like the new song having a perfect melody, and being really great, and about summer stuff, so you guys can expect the next ayu single to have songs composed by DAI."

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