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Good News + Bad News
(posted on July 10, 2009)

I've got some really good news, and some really bad news to report:

Do As Infinity is releasing a new album! =D

The album will be released September 30, just a day after their 10th anniversary. (^^)  The album is expected to be called "ETERNAL FLAME ~10TH ANNIVERSARY~".  Also, notice that the new album starts with an "E"...which means their Shiritori "game" will continue!:

Break of dawNew worlDeep foresTrue sonGates of heaveNeed your lovEternal flame

Currently, the CD is not listed on CDJapan or YesAsia...but as soon as they are, I will update the "Latest Release" section. ^^

Do As Infinity will NOT be attending AnimeFest. ;____;

An official announcement was made by AnimeFest (on this forum thread, and not on their homepage for some reason):

"Due to the increasing US border security and new travel visa processing delays we are unable to get approval for Do As Infinity to perform at AnimeFest. It is with regret that AnimeFest must announce the cancellation of our musical guest. AnimeFest would like to thank AVEX and Do As Infinity for their steady commitment and all of their efforts in trying to help make this event a reality.

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may cause."

-Robert Jenks, Chairman, AnimeFest

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